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Recent content by Kenny

  1. Kenny

    Summer 2021 transfer window

    I see Leicester are in talks to sign Lookman. The club we all want Wolves to be signing a player not good enough for us...
  2. Kenny

    Summer 2021 transfer window

    Very much this
  3. Kenny

    The Transfer Thread 2021/22 - Everything not Wolves

    Spurs signing Emerson from Barca....a right back. Poor Doc, the manager that made his career is dumping him...again
  4. Kenny

    Welcome Bruno Lage

    On the flip side Arteta uses it as well, so...
  5. Kenny

    The R.I.P. Thread

    To be honest, I like some reggae music, a lot of it before my time and I had never heard of him. Zero disrespect to what he achieved and the influence he clearly had in the music world just not someone I was aware of. Heard of the folk Johnny mentions as generally taught in school or in the...
  6. Kenny

    The Transfer Thread 2021/22 - Everything not Wolves

    Burnleys new signing delighted he finally gets to play in an Umbro kit
  7. Kenny

    The F1 Thread

    Then you cancel it really rather than make fake wins/points. I mean great for George to add some points and get a 2nd place but its meaningless really. FIA clearly worried about losing races in the America/UAE so need to cram in results. Think they said they need 16 races to get a season...
  8. Kenny

    General Wolves News

    Semedo replacing Ricardo Pereira in the Portugal squad
  9. Kenny

    The F1 Thread

    Apparently 2 laps completed is enough to call it a race under F1 regs. So essentially they got the cars to sit behind the safety car, knowing thats as much as they would do just to get an official result, rather than just call the race off. If they did that for the TV companies or sponsors...
  10. Kenny

    The F1 Thread

    Yep, 2 laps
  11. Kenny

    Wolves 0-1 Man Utd: Verdict Thread

    Good luck to Ole getting Ronnie in that team without leaving them uber vunerable. Today showed up what a fraud he is, no real clue other than put out all the attacking players. 1st half he had Fred sat on his own and we fucking destroyed that space. Put Pogba deeper in the 2nd half which helped...
  12. Kenny

    The F1 Thread

    What a fucking farce.
  13. Kenny

    Summer 2021 transfer window

    He also went because Liverpool wanted him and Jota wanted Liverpool, so form/formations went out the window at that point
  14. Kenny

    The Advice Thread

    Tell us....we all have shit shows we have been to in the name of keeping the other half happy. I'll dive in and say Cats - What a load of fucking bollocks that is and adults were having their faces painted to look like cats before the show. Fuck off.
  15. Kenny

    v Man Utd (Home, 29/08/21) - Build up and Match thread

    Another one that I hope will find a bit of freedom in Bruno's style. Being fully fit will help as well. At least today Bruno can look at the bench and see a proper option to bring on for the front 3