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Recent content by Penk Wolf

  1. Penk Wolf

    GDP Figures

    We've been selected to supply turnover figures to ONS for calculation of GDP figures. The last time we supplied these figures was 3 years ago. Does anyone know how many companies supply these figures? And how accurate they are if it's only a sample of companies that supply them?
  2. Penk Wolf

    Andreas Weimann - Welcome to Molineux

    @OfficialWolves ✍️ We are delighted to announce that @andiweimann has joined Wolves on loan from @dcfcofficial until the end of the season. #WelcomeAndi
  3. Penk Wolf

    John O Groats to Lands End

    On our journey up to John O’Groats we stopped off at a hotel in Stirling, which had a party going on in one of their conference rooms. Whilst Carl and I were walking down the stairs a chap asked if we knew where the toilet was, I said to Carl, “Did he have a Black Country Accent?”, but didn’t...
  4. Penk Wolf


    I've just moved house and had a TalkTalk engineer out today and he said the maximum we can get is 0.7mb. 4g works perfect. Is it best to get an unlimited 4g data only sim and use it as a hotspot or any other suggestions?
  5. Penk Wolf

    Welcome to Wolves - Jeremy Helan

    Signed on loan until the end of the season. Described as versatile left-sider.
  6. Penk Wolf


    Why are people voting for him, Alan?
  7. Penk Wolf

    700k Profit in Accounts for YE May 2015

    From the limited information we have there will be £15.6m of income missing out of it for next season.
  8. Penk Wolf

    John O'Groats to Lands End

    As some of you may be aware, on the 29th August, Neil Taylor, Carl Falconer and I will be attempting to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End. The journey is expected to take 10 days with us finally getting to Land’s End on 7th September at which time we will have cycled approximately 1,000...
  9. Penk Wolf

    Words Fail Me

  10. Penk Wolf

    Are You Renewing Your Season Ticket?

    If you've voted on MolMix or Twitter don't vote again.
  11. Penk Wolf

    Yanks to ban Heading

    http://soccer.nbcsports.com/2015/11/09/no-more-heading-us-soccer-unveils-new-concussion-protocol-for-youth-soccer/?utm_network=facebook&utm_post=4551753&utm_source=FB%20-%20NBC%20Sports%20Soccer&utm_tags=srm%5Bsoccer%2Carticle%5D I guess they'll ban goalkeepers diving next.
  12. Penk Wolf

    TWF's Horse Racing Top Tipper.

    I'll put two races up a week and a list of horse running. From the list chose one horse each that you think is going to win. Scoring is as follows: 3 - Win 2 - Second 1 - Third Current Standings: 1. Murphy - 72 2. Billy Dee - 68 3. Penk - 67 4. Slink - 63 5. Donegal - 58 6. Deutsch - 56 7...
  13. Penk Wolf

    Paying for one use plastic bags.

    Yeah, related to hot and cold foods.
  14. Penk Wolf

    The Mighty Wales