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  1. Toon Wolf

    The Kevin McDonald Appreciation Thread

    He deserves his own thread, he is so good. I've stated it elsewhere, but I believe he is the best midfield player we have had in at least 30 years. Intelligent, composed, rarely gives the ball away and a scrapper too. I love him!
  2. Toon Wolf

    Sad Indictment of human nature?

    Or just this forum? Things I really like thread: 10 pages Things that really annoy you thread: 307 pages. :icon_lol::icon_lol:
  3. Toon Wolf

    Maths problem...

    My girlfriends son (year 7) was given some maths homework and for the life of me I can't figure out one answer, even though I feel I should! Using the numbers 4,5,6 and 7 once each he had to make every number from 1 to 10. He's got them all except 5. You can't go higher than 20 during the...
  4. Toon Wolf

    After Morecambe it's time to be wise...

    I'll start by saying that I only saw the 2nd half last night and I haven't seen any of the pre-season games so I acknowledge that I'm basing this off a very limited sample size. But IF last night is anything to go by then as far as I can see we haven't learned much from the past 5 years. This...
  5. Toon Wolf

    What kind of fan are you?

    A bit of fun, since we've all been there, even though this is related to US sports, I think it still applies! And Christ knows as Wolves fans we've all got enough to be depressed about! http://www.grantland.com/blog/the-triangle/post/_/id/62564/the-20-types-of-depressed-sports-fans I think...
  6. Toon Wolf

    "Doing a Wolves"...

    I've just heard Harry Redknapp talking about QPR and saying that with their squad they have more chance of "doing a Wolves" and being relegated to League One than winning promotion at the first time of asking. Do we think that successive relegations from here on out will be known as "doing a...
  7. Toon Wolf

    Strengths, do we have any?

    Looking at the team this season, and indeed over the last few seasons, it's difficult to identify many parts of the squad where you could say we are strong. In defence we are slow, lack composure and look likely to concede goals almost at will. Up front we have SEB who is a decent goalscorer at...
  8. Toon Wolf

    "90% of the game is half mental"...

    We all know that this team is devoid of confidence and has been for 2 seasons. But I'm not just talking about mental strength of which our players have virtually zero, I'm also talking about 'intelligence', not of the "I'm a member of Mensa with an IQ of 160" type, I'm talking about the...
  9. Toon Wolf

    SPOTY 2012- The nominees

    It's going to be a tough choice! Ellie Simmonds Andy Murray David Weir Sarah Storey Mo Farah Jess Ennis Rory McIlroy Bradley Wiggins Katherine Grainger Chris Hoy Ben Ainslie Nicola Adams Many very, very worthy contenders. Possibly all could be overwhelming favourite in any other year. I think...
  10. Toon Wolf

    English Premier League- the best league in the world?

    Or so we are constantly told by Sky and the rest of the media whores. Yet this week in the Champion's League Chelsea have lost to Shaktar, Man City to Ajax and Arsenal at home to Schalke. Man Utd also scraped out a win against Braga. None of those teams are what would be described as European...
  11. Toon Wolf


    Is it the most pointless activity known to mankind? I loathe it, I see no point in it, I find every possible reason not to do it. But I still end up having to do it. Why?!! :steam: :argh:
  12. Toon Wolf

    "Tan mom"...

    Google it, read it and baulk in horror.
  13. Toon Wolf

    Adam Yauch RIP

    MC Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys dead at only 47. Very sad. Behind some very great tracks like this: Edit: typo in the thread title, could a mod edit it please. It should say Yauch not Rauch.
  14. Toon Wolf

    How classy is this?

    What a great gesture this is, I was going to put it in the NFL thread but figured nobody would read it. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/bucs-sign-paralyzed-dt-legrand-135236465--nfl.html;_ylt=Aha9I3d6AKA5Y2Xuap3QLWdDubYF
  15. Toon Wolf

    First Crush...

    Idea nicked from the 'other' forum: Who was your first 'crush'? Mine: Goldie Hawn