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  1. machin05

    Swapping stickers in kids' sticker books with your host machin05

    Right then folks, post your swaps and maybe we can sort something out. SWAPS 007 011 013 015 018 022 025 027 028 029 030 031 037 039 041 043 044 045 047 048 051 055 056 057 061 062 063 065 067 069 070 077 083 084 089 090 091 093 095 097 098 099 100 103 106 108 114 117 121 124 125 128 133 135...
  2. machin05

    World Cup Players - Emoji Quiz

    1.[emoji220][emoji1318][emoji1112]🧔🏻 2.[emoji206]‼ 3.&[emoji156]in[emoji1301][emoji1301][emoji294] 4.[emoji777][emoji477][emoji742][emoji1382]♂[emoji571]♀[emoji1330][emoji506] 5.[emoji188]ny [emoji568] 6.[emoji881][emoji206][emoji305] 7.[emoji946] 8.[emoji463][emoji200][emoji515] 9.[emoji1351]🥗...
  3. machin05

    Welcome To Molineux - Raul Jiminez

    One year loan deal. Official.
  4. machin05

    100 mile ride in support of Ikeme

    Hi all, I will be taking on the beastly Velo Birmingham this year. 100 mile organised cycling event in order to raise funds for charity. The news of Carl Ikeme's diagnosis was, obviously, a huge shock to us all so when I saw that there were spaces available to ride for Team Cure Leukaemia it...
  5. machin05

    New Kit

    Not a fan.
  6. machin05

    Wolves Line-up of Season

    The Twitter account Wolves Pictures is running a voted based series of tweets to put together a community voted line-up of the season. Not a bad idea really. Link here - https://twitter.com/WolvesPictures I believe it's a 4-4-2 so I thought it'd be a good idea to post your 11s and see how they...
  7. machin05

    Goal of the Season

    Doherty, Henry (v Bolton) or McDonald (v Preston) for me. Probably McDonald.
  8. machin05

    Season ticket details released

    http://www.expressandstar.com/sport/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2016/02/12/wolves-season-ticket-prices-revealed-early-bird-freeze-and-discounts-for-children/ http://www.wolves.co.uk/news/article/early-bird-201617-2950533.aspx So. Prices frozen. Where are these incentives that Jez mentioned...
  9. machin05

    QPR Roll Call

    So, who's going to be where pre and post match? My first home gmae of the season as I was away at the weekend. Hopefully will get a early pass to have a few drinks before hand. If not I'll be having a couple after if folks are knocking about.
  10. machin05

    Silverbug is the new sponsor

    Better than BluCig. I always thought it looked like a pushchair logo around on the hoardings around the ground.
  11. machin05

    Goal of the Month April/May

  12. machin05

    Recommendation for custom polo shirts

    Does anyone on here use a company for custom embroidered/printed polo shirts. Just the standard black polo shirt with a logo stitched on? Looking to get some for work but not in huge quantities - a dozen max - maybe some jumpers/fleeces/jackets depending on price.
  13. machin05

    Betfair - lay the draw

    Does anyone use this system on Betfair? In brief, you use Betfair to lay (bet against) the draw. Once someone takes the lead you counter that by betting for the draw (as the odds for this will have risen), guaranteeing a profit for either outcome. I started with it again last night (very low...
  14. machin05

    Fantasy Football League 2014/15

    I've renewed the Fantasy Football League from last season, so get your teams sorted. If you were in the league last year you'll be automatically added. If not, click here - http://fantasy.premierleague.com/my-leagues/382490/join/?autojoin-code=1679199-382490 - and get signed up!