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  1. Tony Towner

    Where will Wolves finish 2021/2?

    As Kenny has kindly initiated polls, hopefully we are good to go. I know there are members who observe rather than post so should give a broad view. To head off the usual 'ask me when the window closes' comments, you can't have a pre-season poll 3 games into it.
  2. Tony Towner

    Albion Away 3rd May

    Expect the same or very similar team and the same or very similar performance. Pick your poison, the team are on the beach and stale or mentally and physically exhausted, whichever way I don't see how that changes. As many times as the phrase stripey cunts will be posted in this thread and...
  3. Tony Towner

    Sheff Utd (H) 17th April - Match Thread

    So taking the info YW posted on trust, we don't have Neves or Neto so I'll predict ---------------------Rui----------------- -------Boly------Coady------Sais --Semedo---Donck----Moutinho----RAN --------Podence--------Jose--------Traore Positions may change, but I think that'll be the 11. I'd...
  4. Tony Towner

    Fulham Away 9th April

    I think Nuno will go with a don't lose approach so we'll see: -------------------------Rui------------------- --------Donck-----Coady------Saiss------- Semedo------Neves---Mou/Vit----RAN ---------Neto------Jose------Traore I know people will want to see us work out the defensive issues with...
  5. Tony Towner

    Man Utd vs Wolves Build Up and Matchday Thread

    So with less than 48 hours between games and Nuno's comments re players beings tired, then what's it going to be? With the injuires i just don't think we have the depth to rotate too much. I'll guess 4 changes: ------------Patricio--------- ------Kilman----Coady---Saiss---...
  6. Tony Towner

    Where will we finish 2020/1 Poll

    Sniffer's thread covers this, but I know there's a number of people who vote on polls who don't post so I'll set this up as well. Assume we have the transfer window you expect. If you think we are signing the next Cafu at RWB then go with that, the same if we you think we are going to fudge a...
  7. Tony Towner

    Who do you WANT to go down?

    Looks like 2 from 4 and reasons for Wolves fans to want all of them to go, but what would be your preference? Theres a poll for those who can't see on Tapatalk
  8. Tony Towner

    Looking at history with a modern lens

    I think it's important to have a discussion about some of the issues going on in this country and beyond in an adult way with a degree of nuance which standard social media platforms don't provide. How do we feel about views, actions and comedy which rightly or wrongly were widely viewed as...
  9. Tony Towner

    Where will we finish 2019/20 Version 2

    As this isn't an ordinary season and there was a bit of chatter on another thread. Then why not have a poll?!
  10. Tony Towner

    Spurs Away 1st March

    No Jonny, so just a question of formation and whether it's Donck or Traore. My money would be on the former, which I guess makes sense given they have an abundance of central midfielders and no forwards so are likely to flood that area of the pitch. A win takes us within 3 points of 4th, but my...
  11. Tony Towner

    Norwich Matchday Thread

    Hoping we can build on the momentum from Thursday night. Norwich naturally have a go at teams and are getting towards the must win stage so should see a pretty open game. We know from the first half at their place that they need to be respected offensively and should have been out of sight, but...
  12. Tony Towner

    Man Utd FA Cup Thread

    Not going to be popular here, but it's time to rest a few: Rui (think Ruddy has a promise though) ----Bennett------Coady-------Kilman Burr----Neves-----Saiss----Vinagre ----Neto------Cutrone-----Jota I want us to win, it's not a priority though.
  13. Tony Towner

    Besiktas Home EL Final Group Game

    Tim II says wholesale changes so I'm guessing that means Ruddy, Kilman, Vinagre, Bennett, Cutrone, Vallejo and Neto all start. Just depends on how weak he wants to make the other 4 positions. Sanderson, Campbell, Perry and Jordao if the latter is still alive could come in if he wanted to make...
  14. Tony Towner

    Bratislava Home Game Build Up

    Ideally need to win, but I want the team as fresh as possible against a Villa team with a week off. Jonny and Raul are on yellows and Jota suspended, but this side should still get the job done. -----------------------Patricio------------- ------Bennett--Coady---Kilman---...
  15. Tony Towner

    Besiktas Away Europa League

    I'm not in favour of prioritising the EL over the PL, but City away followed by an International break is the time to do it. Bennett for Donck and Saiss into midfield is the only change I'd make. I think his bite in the middle of the park could be needed. Jota looks to be out until after the IB
  16. Tony Towner

    Everton Verdict Thread

    Everyone knows how I feel about us being in the Europa League, but here are some facts, I'll leave it up to you as to how much of this you attribute to it: We have been inferior to the opposition in the league in the first half in 4 games out of 4 being behind at half time in 3 If we'd lost...
  17. Tony Towner

    The Burnley 'Got of jail' Verdict thread

    Out, bloody out! What you got?
  18. Tony Towner

    The customary 'where will we finish' thread

    Poll away
  19. Tony Towner

    Championship Play Off Winners.

    Last season TWF couldn't split Boro and Fulham, so sort of got it right. Who is your choice this year? This is who you think will win, not who you want to.
  20. Tony Towner

    Fulham A 26/12

    Kept a clean sheet today, so Ranieri must be making them more solid. Need to find a way to stop Mitrovic from bullying Coady as he did last year. I'd be tempted to go back to the old 343, bring Cav in for Neves, Vinagre for Jonny and have a real go at them. I know Nuno won't but that's what I'd do.