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  1. Sniffer

    Euro 2020 Prediction League - The Final

    England v Italy 1-1 Shaw (Italy win 3-2 on penalties)
  2. Sniffer

    Euro 2020 (2021) Prediction League - The Semi-Finals

    Italy v Spain 1-1 Chiesa (Italy win 4-2 on Penalties) England v Denmark 1-1 Damsgaard (2-1 AET)
  3. Sniffer

    Euro 2020 (2021) Prediction League - The Quarter Finals

    Switzerland v Spain Belgium v Italy Czech Republic v Denmark Ukraine v England
  4. Sniffer

    Euro 2020 (2021) The Last 16

    Wales v Denmark 0-4 Dolberg Italy v Austria 0-0 Chiesa (2-1 AET) Netherlands v Czech Republic 0-2 Holes Belgium v Portugal 1-0 T Hazard Croatia v Spain 3-3 Gonzalez OG (3-5 AET) France v Switzerland 3-3 Seferovic (3-3 AET Switzerland win 5-4 on penalties) England v Germany 2-0 Sterling Sweden v...
  5. Sniffer

    Euro 2020 Prediction League - A shameless plug

    No not for my cricket clubs bid for £500 from Asda (arseholes have put us up against a school FFS) but for a competition to take our minds off current events at Molineux. A Euro 2020 Prediction League.... https://www.wolvesforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/euro-2020-2021-prediction-league.37168/...
  6. Sniffer

    Euro 2020 - Round 3 of Group Fixtures

    Group A Wales v Italy 0-1 Pessina Switzerland v Turkey 3-1 Seferovic Group B Finland v Belgium 0-2 Hradacky OG Russia v Denmark 1-4 Damsgaard Group C North Macedonia v Netherlands 0-3 Depay Ukraine v Austria 0-1 Baumgartner Group D Croatia v Scotland 3-1 Vlasic Czech Republic v England 0-1...
  7. Sniffer

    Euro 2020 Round 2 of Group Fixtures

    Group A Turkey v Wales 0-2 Ramsey Italy v Switzerland 3-0 Locatelli Group B Finland v Russia 0-1 Al Miranchuk Denmark v Belgium 1-2 Poulsen Group C Ukraine v North Macedonia 2-1 Yarmolenko Netherlands v Austria 2-0 Depay Group D Croatia v Czech Republic 1-1 Schick England v Scotland 0-0...
  8. Sniffer

    Euro 2020 Round 1 of Group Fixtures & Overall Winner

    Winner = Group A Turkey v Italy 3-0 Demiral OG Wales v Switzerland 1-1 Embolo Group B Denmark v Finland 0-1 Pohjanpalo Belgium v Russia 3-0 Lukaku Group C Austria v North Macedonia 3-1 Lainer Netherlands v Ukraine 3-2 Wijnaldum Group D England v Croatia 1-0 Sterling Scotland v Czech Republic...
  9. Sniffer

    TWF World Cup of Christmas Songs

    Stolen from elsewhere but let’s see if Fairytale of New York is the forum favourite. Last 16 finishes Monday at 9am. Last Eight Tuesday same time. Semi Final Wednesday same time. Final to finish on Christmas Eve. I’ve picked the songs so if your favourite isn’t in there it must have been knocked...
  10. Sniffer

    Wolves 1-1 Southampton Verdict Thread

    Fire away
  11. Sniffer

    PTG 2020/21

    Teams can be entered here for the time being if the Sub Forum is not be available. FRIDAY 23RD OCTOBER Aston Villa v Leeds SATURDAY 24TH OCTOBER West Ham United v Manchester City Fulham v Crystal Palace Manchester United v Chelsea Liverpool v Sheffield United SUNDAY 25TH OCTOBER Southampton...
  12. Sniffer

    Wolves 1-3 Man City - Verdict Thread

    Wolves 1-3 Manchester City Verdict Thread Fire away.
  13. Sniffer

    New Contest - Premier League Table Prediction

    A new game that should be nice and easy that won't require you to be posting every week. Just predict the Premier League table positions from 1-20. Points will be awarded for how far off you are with your prediction. For example if you think Leeds will win the title but they finish 20th you'll...
  14. Sniffer

    The FFS Burnley 1 Wolves 1 Verdict thread

  15. Sniffer

    Greatest World Test Cricket XI (1978 to 2020)

    As per the England Thread. 2 openers Positions 3-5 1 all rounder 1 keeper 1 spinner 3 quicks You can have a keeper/batsman if you wish and an all rounder as one of the quicks/spinner if you want. First vote for the openers - four picks with placings getting 4, 3, 2 or 1 point. The keeper...
  16. Sniffer

    Best England Cricket XI - 1978 to 2020

    Similar to the football team thread. As per Tony's suggestion we will choose from the following... 2 openers A number 3 in the batting line up. 2 batsmen 1 all rounder 1 keeper 1 spinner 3 quicks You can have a keeper/batsman if you wish and an all rounder as one of the quicks/spinner if you...
  17. Sniffer

    England v West Germany -1990 Rewind Thread

    3.00 O’clock this afternoon on the red button / bbc iplayer. A chance to watch it all again. Reminisce about what you were doing and where you were watching it. Comment on football in 1990 and how good the players on show were. Can Lineker or Beardsley make an impression for the best of Thread?
  18. Sniffer

    Best England XI (1978 to 2020)

    Following on from the World XI, best Wolves XI, let's do a best England XI. Similar to the one DW did for the Wolves XI there will be votes each day for each position. Formation will be 442 or 4411. I've started at 1978 as the demographic of membership on here won't do justice to the heroes of...
  19. Sniffer

    Wolves all time XI - One player per country

    Name an all time Wolves XI where each player has a different nationality. Without much thought and Traoré not to declare for Spain. Hanneman Doherty Boly Munro Wright Jonny Neves Saiss Camara Jimenez Traoré
  20. Sniffer

    Olympiacos 1-1 Wolves Verdict Thread

    We're in pole position for a place in the last eight (if its played). Didn't make the most of playing against 10 however the Greeks are no mugs.