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  1. Del Woppio

    ****POLL NOW IN OP****Who do you want next?

    POLL LINK BELOW https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7GM39FX I know it sounds silly, but I didn't want to talk about it in the farewell thread. Simple question - who next? I'm all aboard the Graham Potter Express. He plays the kind of football I love to see. If his Brighton team had Neto...
  2. Del Woppio

    Top strikers - the early years.

    Do Wolves fans (not necessarily here) need reminding how young 18 actually is, in footballing terms? Obviously the £35m fee brings with it a certain expectation, as does the talk of him being a “generational talent”, and the Golden Boy shortlisting etc. But I do think that that has caused the...
  3. Del Woppio

    Urgently need johnny75

    Need to check he's OK. Kevin Thelwell has been appointed to the wolves board of directors :icon_lol: https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/club/20190823-kevin-thelwell-appointed-to-the-board/
  4. Del Woppio

    Political Correctness Gone Mad

    What is political correctness? If it’s political correctness not to use words – as my own dad does - like paki, and puff, however ‘innocently’ his intentions, then I’m politically correct. If it’s political correctness to use somebody’s character or quality as their identifying feature rather...
  5. Del Woppio

    Fundraising game of togger

    Hello all. I'm sure many of you will know/remember the poster known as Vio Ganea, from both here and probably more prolifically the Mix. A few of you have probably played football with him, or shared a pre/post match pint. I'm arranging a game/small sided tournament in an effort to raise...