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  1. Sniffer

    The Manager Sacked/Hired Thread 2021/22

    Steve Cooper has been appointed at Forest.
  2. Sniffer

    The Cricket Thread

    He has a run. Just took the 40 minutes to get one.
  3. Sniffer

    The Cricket Thread

    Both Warwickshire and Hampshire are batting and have both lost a wicket. If Lancashire are to beat Hampshire to give Warwickshire a chance of the title, Warwickshire will need to ensure that they get enough batting points (don't laugh Tony/Deutsch), to keep Lancashire at bay.
  4. Sniffer

    Live Match Discussion 2021/22

    We want Brucie out ringing round St James’ Park
  5. Sniffer

    Goals on Saturday (Game 5 - Sep 18th)

    Liverpool Man Utd Chelsea Bournemouth Fulham QPR Bolton Sheffield Wednesday Notts County Weymouth NTS: Shrewsbury GS: Mitrovic (Fulham)
  6. Sniffer

    Prediction league 2021-22 (week 5) 17-19 SEPTEMBER 2021

    Newcastle United v Leeds United 1-3 Bamford Wolverhampton Wanderers v Brentford 1-1 Jimenez Burnley v Arsenal 2-1 Wood Liverpool v Crystal Palace 3-0 Salah Manchester City v Southampton 3-0 Jesus Norwich City v Watford 1-1 Pukki Aston Villa v Everton 1-2 Richarlison Brighton & Hove Albion v...
  7. Sniffer

    Prediction League Table 2020/21

    Week 4 - 2021/2022 Season Billy 67 Donegal 62 Sniffer 62 Doog 59 PLF 58 Darlo 55 Tony 55 Fred 52 Lemon 52 Trips 52 Quirk 48 YoungWolf 36 Lincs 35 Deutsch 19 Wot no @YoungWolf or @Deutsch Wolf ? - I'm happy for you to continue in the game if you want. Tony was the top scorer in week 4 with 20...
  8. Sniffer

    Who are ya? Who are ya?

    With the borrowed red/pink shorts of Oxford?
  9. Sniffer

    The Things You Are HAPPY About Thread.

    One of my favourite clips from this years olympics was Emily Campbell winning a medal and squealing!
  10. Sniffer

    The R.I.P. Thread

    Loved Emlyn Hughes and International Soccer on the C64, the latter of which a mate had on a cartridge that meant that you had none of the jeopardy of the tape loading.
  11. Sniffer

    The R.I.P. Thread

    Oh and RIP Sir Clive.
  12. Sniffer

    The R.I.P. Thread

    We had a Commodore 64 and my mate had a spectrum 48. Many an hour spent on Daley Thompson’s decathlon, football manager and as Quirk says Jet Set Willy. The tape loading frustration should be put into the National curriculum as a history lesson to teach the youngsters of today of how we used to...
  13. Sniffer

    Boris at it again

    I have criticised the said political editor as much as most but at least last night she got close to calling out Johnson for what he is... It's a Johnson cabinet, with no particular bent towards any one faction or tribe. For some of his backers, that is one of Mr Johnson's attributes - he's not...
  14. Sniffer

    Boris at it again

    ..but why mention Carry on Films?
  15. Sniffer

    Ex-Wolf Watch

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58577249 Kevin McDonald looking to play again after a successful kidney transplant.
  16. Sniffer

    Boris at it again

    Its all a load of headline grabbing bollocks. How can you define Britishness and stick it into some legal framework that the TV companies have to abide by? Its government by focus groups/opinion polls and appealing to their own supporters. Want to pay for social care and protect the assets of...
  17. Sniffer

    Boris at it again

    On the other hand Mrs Browns boys might have to be binned...
  18. Sniffer


    Leicestershire has 3 of the top 5 or 5 of the countries top 10 areas in terms of Covid cases. Leicestershire schools went back for the Autumn term a week earlier than the rest of the country so the chances are that higher cases will spread to other areas in the next week or two. The good news is...
  19. Sniffer

    Boris at it again

  20. Sniffer

    Boris at it again

    Priti Vacant remains in her role. She'll be able to continue her work to.... Mr Johnson went on to tee up the offending joke by discussing the UK’s work on renewable energy. “I said last year we’re the Saudi Arabia of wind. “Probably the Saudi Arabia of penal policy, too, under our wonderful...