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  1. Wolf Hunting

    Reaction Score

    Hi Guys, tell me, what's this 'Reaction Score'
  2. Wolf Hunting

    Wolves Women

    Recently read an article about a couple of Premier teams and their associated Women's teams so was wondering how Wolves women are faring? Obviously get no coverage over here, so, are they any good? Anyone know why Wolves as a club are not a bit tighter to the Womens club? Are there any tie ins...
  3. Wolf Hunting

    Torino Build Up Thread

    If we say Pyunik would fit nicely into Division 1, where would you say Torino would be?
  4. Wolf Hunting

    Burton build up...

    We'll be arriving around noon (The Drummer and his Dad) in Wolverhampton. Where do you guys meet up these days? Still in the Western? And where do you go afterwards? And finally, anyone fancy a Curry in the evening?
  5. Wolf Hunting

    Fulham 2-0 verdict thread

    Completely dominated. We really need to get ourselves sorted out. We're coming over for the Burton match and I think we really need to lower our expectations. The last 3 games we've been mediochre with flashes of lovely stuff. But the powerful, irresistable stuff that got us to the top has...
  6. Wolf Hunting

    Southampton 0 Wolves 2 - Verdict Thread

    3-4-3 stood us well tonight and even after we went 1 up we didn't sit on it and kept going out to attack. Ronan played well as did Vinagre.
  7. Wolf Hunting

    Wolves 1-0 Yeovil Verdict thread

    Seems that Price played well enough and Ronan did well too. Don't really know about anyone else as it was far too pedestrian with no one really asserting themselves or putting their mark on the game. Look forward to hearing from anyone who went.
  8. Wolf Hunting

    Wolves 1 Middlesbrough 0 - Verdict thread

    Handsome result. Decent game, and some good footballing on display. Not clinical enough, but certainly promising.
  9. Wolf Hunting

    A couple of Brexit Questions...

    1 Can anyone please give me their version of... A HARD Brexit and A SOFT Brexit? Just what do they mean please? 2 If there may be a 'Hard' border between Ireland and Northern Ireland there may well be Customs posts going back up. (This may well be a complete ball ache queueing up to get through...
  10. Wolf Hunting

    Wolves V Blackburn Nothing much to report Verdict Thread.

    Now open... If anyone's interested...
  11. Wolf Hunting

    Bristol City v Wolves - Awful Verdict Thread.

    Well, that didn't last long! Awful football. We just had a throw in and lost possession...Cav to Marshal back to Cav, walking pace to Bod, and... all the way back to Batth to Doherty who loses possession. So many instances like this. And it just goes on and on... Far too many situations where...
  12. Wolf Hunting

    Fulham 1 - 3 Wolves: Verdict thread.

    Away you go boys. Good performance.
  13. Wolf Hunting


    Dear Mods. I have my view of the forum set somewhat differently. I still have it set on the blue VB4 default style as I find it easier to read and easier on my eyes rather than all that in your face gold. However, that's all very subjective, but i found it very difficult to find my way to the...
  14. Wolf Hunting

    Newcastle 0 Wolves 2 Verdict thread.

    Well we managed to thwart Newcastle's game pland and seemingly without paying too much regard for them played to our strengths and played to our own plan. Terrific game. Sopnded like a home game whic as it was in front of about 44,000 Newcastle fans at the top of the league is a big thing.
  15. Wolf Hunting

    Wolves 1 Burton 1 Verdict thread

    Doresn't seem like anyone's started this.... strange.
  16. Wolf Hunting

    Tenerife taxis?

    Anyone been to Tenerife? If yes, did you stand in line for a taxi to your hotel or did you book in advance? We've checked and prebooking seems very expensive? Anyone done this?
  17. Wolf Hunting

    Car Insurance and health!

    Has anyone had to declare they have Diabetes to their insurers? I'm about to do that and I have to declare not only that I have type 2 diabetes, but that I'm taking Diamicron. (apparently Diamicron has a bit of it's own tariff..) I know my insurance is gonna go up, but does anyone know by how...
  18. Wolf Hunting

    Derby County (H) Build up thread

    Depending on how we get on vs Brentford, I'd really like Kenny to be aware of how much trouble Rob & I are putting in to get to this match, and I know he reads this forum, that I'd like him to select Deslandes for the start... After all we're not going to get into the far distant play offs, so...
  19. Wolf Hunting

    Reading 0-0 Verdict Thread

    What was that like then...
  20. Wolf Hunting


    Has anyone watched a magician in a large arena? We have the chance to watch Dynamo. But all those slight of hand things and really fast stuff.... not sure if we'd see it if we didn't get a close to the stage seat..