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    I wouldn't have thought so, but I don't pretend to understand the US legal system. And I'm not commenting on the fairness of his sentence, but on the fact that the judge's unexpected actions will do nothing to rehabilitate the guy in the short term, and may even push him further to the extreme.
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    It appears that I personally know two of the Jan 6th 'rioters'. One is a childhood friend of my wife - a Bernie Sanders supporter who married a MAGA guy and her politics quickly changed. They are now in hiding. The other is Matthew Mazzocco - a good customer in my store. We regularly discuss...
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    The Manager Sacked/Hired Thread 2021/22

    If Ronaldo decides he wants to be a manager, then he will become a manager, and he won't start at the bottom and work his way up. It will have to be a big European team and no doubt there will be offers from his former clubs. MU, Madrid, Juve would all take him if the timing was right.
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    The Things You Are HAPPY About Thread.

    This makes me happy, sad, angry, and a little insecure. Good friend who is also the most beautiful woman in the world tells me she is adopting a dog who would otherwise be put down by his breeder. "He has special needs and his balls didn't drop. I'm naming him after you."
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    Southampton 0-1 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Won't and shouldn't.
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    Good people of Britain...........PANIC

    After 16 years in Texas I have learned to like the sunshine. The heat not so much. Nor the humidity. Sunny, 20-25 degrees would be perfect for me, but wife always needs a jacket at 21 or lower.
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    Good people of Britain...........PANIC

    to be fair, we are desperate for some rain.
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    Good people of Britain...........PANIC

    Sunny and 34C here! (sorry)
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    Southampton 0-1 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Spurs are not as good as their first 3 results, or as bad as the last three. Surprised Nuno hasn't got their defence sorted but it's still early days and one win could turn it around for him. I think he'll be given time, and not just because they screwed it up last time. Their DOF Parataci...
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    The NFL Thread

    Why current rookie QBs are struggling, and latest power rankings: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/nfl-power-rankings-figuring-out-why-the-hyped-rookie-qb-class-is-flopping-early-on/ar-AAOTx4j?li=BBnb7Kz
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    Wolves Academy Thread (Sponsored by @Comptonstars)

    What did his shirt say?
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    The Football News Thread 2021/22

    Mexican press are apparently picking up on Martinez's trashtalking opposition penalty takers. Does it for Villa and Argentina. They seem to think it should be classed as unsportsman-like. It probably is, but unless he runs up to an opponent and shouts in his face it would be impossible to stop...
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    Southampton 0-1 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Was talking today with a Mexican fan. He said Raul's goal was THE sporting news yesterday (not because they are all Wolves fans). A confident goal scoring Raul is as important to their team as he is to ours.
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    Southampton 0-1 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Lots of huffing and puffing yesterday from both teams, separated by one moment of quality. Southampton would not have scored if the game had lasted all day, they have not replaced Ings and they are going to struggle unless someone starts scoring for them. Before yesterday we had the same problem...
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    Things that really really annoy you

    Ran a scan on a newish PC yesterday. Usually it runs in the background and takes 10-15 mins. This time, without warning, the screen went blank except for a small moving image in the middle, keyboard/mouse not working, for almost four hours! Scan result ok, everything working fine.
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    Partisan so-called "audit" of Arizona Presidential election result promoted by trump, carried out over many months by partisan firm and paid for by his supporters finds that....... ...... Biden won. Oh dear. What a pity. Never mind.
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    Things that really really annoy you

    My wife has the opposite complaint - that I insist on wearing socks with short trousers.
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    Customer comes in this morning, not seen her for a few weeks so we talk for 5 minutes. Then I ask her why she is not at work today (she works for a doctor). "Because I have covid." No mask. Talking face to face, and she has covid. "It's alright, I already had it once and I'm vaccinated." NO IT...
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    bigger? in texas

    Most (not all) Texans in larger cities wear a mask around other people. But in small towns it is another world completely and viewed entirely through a political/cultural lens.