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  1. pavlosmacwolf

    Norwich 0-0 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Well in don't know about last on match of the day, I wouldn't put it on at all. Too many players way off form, hwan and trincao may as well have stayed at home, and what the f*** that was all about with traore I have absolutely no idea, he was the small back pass kid. Was that Ruben's third...
  2. pavlosmacwolf

    Wolves 1-0 West Ham: Verdict Thread

    Nerves meant it! Just look at the spin he put on the ball ffs.
  3. pavlosmacwolf

    Wolves 1-0 West Ham: Verdict Thread

    Still think it was a great performance by all the players, although did swear at Raul for shooting instead of passing. Interesting regarding the wing back discussion going on here, that in Lage's article on the wolves page, he says he told the wing backs to cut inside more, and that after...
  4. pavlosmacwolf

    Wolves 1-0 West Ham: Verdict Thread

    Missed the first 30 mins, but I don't give a fuck. Not a bad player on the pitch, we took it to them big time, now we know how to handle sides who press. Lage was magnificent, he picked up that shit from palace, shook the shit out of it, and gave us a team. Only complaint, should have been...
  5. pavlosmacwolf

    Wolves V West Ham 20.11.21 - build up & matchday

    Came home, late on 30 mins, looks like we are battling them in midfield which was my big worry.
  6. pavlosmacwolf

    Crystal Palace (A) 6/11 Build-Up & Match Thread

    Yes zaha, I had a blank, as you will see from my executive typing of that post. Too many wingers with similar names these days, zaha saka sasa bloody hell thank godni aint a commentator ha ha
  7. pavlosmacwolf

    Crystal Palace (A) 6/11 Build-Up & Match Thread

    Don't feel comfortable about their winger, shit his name scapes me, this one, needs semedo to tie up their winger whose name escapes me and then we will see.
  8. pavlosmacwolf

    Wolves 2-1 Everton: Verdict Thread

    I can't get wound up about the Adams trincoa debate because if Neto comes back in Jan at75% of his previous form it's a useless debate. For me I am not sure which injuryvdid us most harm, Neto or Raul, but obviously both, firing on all cylinders makes me moist, ha ha
  9. pavlosmacwolf

    Fnarrr Fnarr!! The Finbarr Saunders Thread

    Ha ha didn't spot that in my copy check, but if it is the lady I am thinking of right now, it was.
  10. pavlosmacwolf

    Wolves 2-1 Everton: Verdict Thread

    First half sublime, second was a nail biter but we never looked in trouble except for that ridiculous idiot passing it around in our own box ffs! Ran was excellent so too trincao, and major plaudits for oilman, except when he brings the ball out and is closed down, he always turns inside onto...
  11. pavlosmacwolf

    General Wolves News

    Who the fuck was looking at the dog??????
  12. pavlosmacwolf

    Villa 2-3 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Am still rocking at the win! We didn't start playing until 30mins in, and then for the fist 30 of the second half as well. We have to cut out the nonsense at the back with goal kicks and back passes, it is just stupid! Marcel is a full back not a wing back, and ran seems to me to be the...
  13. pavlosmacwolf

    Welcome to Wolves Nelson Semedo

    I think his confidence after the recent misses Is shot to buggery, he will be back.
  14. pavlosmacwolf

    The Bruno Lage Appreciation Thread

    I think we have reverted to Juno style, and that's not down to Bruno. The players, who swear they never look at the table have gone for nuno style safety first, whether Bruno likes it or not, but now we have climbed the table I expect them to get back to Bruno ball. Yesterdays second half was...
  15. pavlosmacwolf

    Live Match Discussion 2021/22

    An excellent game for the neutral. Pool have come out with a bit more this second half, but I am impressed by city, theyvpress reallyvwell but it doesn't show as much as Liverpool. Haha grealis off for sterling, no surprise he's done a stately home up to now.
  16. pavlosmacwolf

    Southampton 0-1 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Well, I watched the whole game again this morning, (I know , the things in do for wolves) and whilst in have commented that we have gone back to nuno ball, I think I have to be fair and build in an anx factor for the players, They would have been more desperate than us for the points, and...
  17. pavlosmacwolf

    Southampton 0-1 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    The win and a goal for Raul is all that matters, but we have gone backwards and marcal is a bomb scare. Sa was brilliant , and I don't get the criticism ever of kilman he was outstanding today.
  18. pavlosmacwolf

    Wolves 0-2 Brentford: Verdict Thread

    My bad, I meant trincao ha no right foot, but my mistake!
  19. pavlosmacwolf

    Wolves 0-2 Brentford: Verdict Thread

    Well, from what i watched, we totally failed to handle TOmey, at all points throughout the game. We to totally failed to handle the Brentford press, even though we had to be expecting it, and thus lost all ability to knock it around in their box and resorted to the get it out to the wingers...
  20. pavlosmacwolf

    General Wolves News

    Itnis the basic principle of marketing and has been for years. It doesn't matter too much if the the brand (the wolves logo) actually pays wolves that much, what his important and fosun will know this, is that if the other areas the logo is being used are expanding, fosun will have to be sure...