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  1. Alan

    Leicester 1 - 0 Wolves: Verdict

    Very much a side that is a work in progress against one that is anything but, and yet we still managed to get the better of them for 45 minutes. Early days, but promising signs tactically. Some truly shocking decision making and bad finishing kept us out.
  2. Alan

    Positively beautiful verdict thread

    Stunning first half performance, utterly professional in the second half. Into the top four, albeit having played a game extra, but still. What a brilliant start to the season overall.
  3. Alan

    Chelsea 2 - 0 Wolves: The Verdict

    I'm as livid as anyone. I'd implore those of us from the matchday thread to give it an hour or two before spewing more bile here. That's including me. I'm much more interested in what those who avoided the matchday thread have to say right now.
  4. Alan

    Sheffield United 1 - 0 Wolves: The Verdict

    I'm trying not to overreact here, but that's two matches, two losses, two shots on target. Not good enough. Not even close.
  5. Alan

    Underrated players

    I was just watching old highlights on YouTube when one of my favorite retired players popped up: Xabi Alonso. It occurred to me, watching him routinely complete passes that at times look physically impossible, that his name does not often come up in the discussion of great midfielders of our...
  6. Alan

    How far do you live from Molineux?

    This is mostly aimed at those who live in England proper but all others are willing to pitch in for funsies. I often find myself wondering how relative a "long travel" day is for many in the UK. 45 minutes? An hour? As such, I'm curious how long it takes most of you to get to Molineux on any...
  7. Alan

    The Live Match Discussion Thread: 2019/2020

    Assume there's not enough interest for a devoted WWC thread or one would already exist. England up 2-0 against Scotland at the half, right now. Both sides playing decently but Scotland seriously lacking a final pass.
  8. Alan

    Shrewsbury 2 - 2 Wolves: The Verdict

    Can someone explain to me why the FA Cup does replays instead of just having us go to extra time today? Anyway, a desperate first half followed by a breathless second. Really didn't look like happening but we managed it, just.
  9. Alan

    Wolves 0 - 2 Crystal Palace: The Verdict.

    Life in the Premier League, eh? The real concern for me is that Morgan hasn't shown too well in three appearances and Neves still looks completely out of sorts, can't complete a forward pass to save his life at the moment. Bring on a signing or two (just not Tammy Abraham, please).
  10. Alan

    Wolves 0 - 2 Liverpool: The Verdict.

    Very little to be ashamed of from that. A really strong performance overall and we made Liverpool earn the three points. Only negatives for me: Ruben still doesn't look right. I can't remember the last time he played one of his highlight passes and it wasn't either intercepted or gone out of...
  11. Alan

    Newcastle 1 - 2 Wolves: The Verdict.

    Don't care how it happened, three points away from home is a good result. First time this season we've scored more than one goal in an away fixture, to boot.
  12. Alan

    Wolves 2 - 1 Chelsea: The Verdict.

    I get the feeling we'll be seeing quite a bit of Morgan Gibbs-White from now on.
  13. Alan

    Cardiff 2 -1 Wolves: The Pantwetting Verdict.

    And yes, I'm pantwetting. It is almost feeling like when the wheels fell off for Solbakken. Not quite that bad, but shades of it. The worst bit is we don't seem like we're learning anything from these defeats. And that's the part that makes me angrier than anything.
  14. Alan

    Wolves 0 - 2 Huddersfield: The Verdict.

    Feel a bit sick after that.
  15. Alan

    Arsenal 1 - 1 Wolves: The Verdict

    33% profligate finishing, 33% Leno standing on his head, 33% sloppy second half. Or thereabouts. Have at it.
  16. Alan

    2017/2018: Promotion

    Saw Kenny start a thread for in-the-moment celebrations. I want this one to be focused on collecting and preserving our best memories from this season. Pictures, stories, whatever is. Let's keep a little time capsule of these moments.
  17. Alan

    Cardiff 0 - 1 Wolves: The Verdict

    Cardiff make you earn everything you get off them, and boy did we earn it. Great performance, great defending. Shows the growth of this team that today we've faced the absolute archetype of "Championship football" and come out on top. And after those late penalties, good Lord. I'm gonna go...
  18. Alan

    Middlesboro 1 - 2 Wolves: Verdict

    Heroes. All of them. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  19. Alan

    Wolves 3 - 0 Reading: The Verdict

    After the nerves and emotions of Saturday, what a calming return to form. Someone on Saturday said we were flat track bullies. If we are, well, long may beating teams like Reading continue! Have at it.
  20. Alan

    Villa 4 - 1 Wolves: Verdict

    Gonna be a lot of emotions in here, I bet. Gird your loins.