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  1. Kenny

    Allow Fans Back In Petition

    https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/552036?fbclid=IwAR1a06VOl9q6GVIeSjN-WGpDWkvWB_mNqxS4o-a-nmAW6VO8I6W6Sw9nMlQ Clubs are now sharing this so the numbers should get quite high. Probably won't achieve fuck all but you have to try
  2. Kenny

    Premier League 2020/21

    Fixtures released no later than 21st August Match Weeks (we are trying to postpone our Matchweek 1) Matchweek 1: Saturday 12 September Matchweek 2: Saturday 19 September Matchweek 3: Saturday 26 September Matchweek 4: Saturday 3 October Matchweek 5: Saturday 17 October Matchweek 6: Saturday 24...
  3. Kenny

    League Cup 2020/21

    2nd Round entry for us this season. Rounds 2 - 4 played over just 3 weeks Semi Final no longer over 2 legs
  4. Kenny

    The Football News Thread 2020/21

    Will start with the last post from the previous season.. "Back to normal in the PL next season. 7 on the bench and back to 3 subs. "
  5. Kenny

    The Transfer Thread 2020/2021 - Everything not Wolves

    PL is over so might as well start this. Villa have a £17m bid for Origi rejected.
  6. Kenny

    Welcome to Wolves, Matija Sarkic

  7. Kenny

    Wolves / Covid-19

    I know its all over the forum and being discussed but this is a place for events caused by this virus that have a direct impact on Wolves. Please keep general virus discussuon in the correct thread https://www.wolvesforum.co.uk/showthread.php?36198-Coronavirus For starters - 1st game postponed...
  8. Kenny

    Summer 2020 Transfer Window (Extended Version)

    Might as well kick this one off. Could well be the summer where we see a lot of bids for our players. Obviously we don't have to sell but player power and all that beats anything a club can do. To start off - Via Duncan Castles Wolves are aware of interest in Adama Traoré from Manchester...
  9. Kenny

    Welcome to Wolves - Daniel Podence

  10. Kenny

    Wolves Sleepout

    Fair play to everyone who took part in this last night. £30k raised for the homeless - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-50447110?ns_source=twitter&ns_mchannel=social&ns_linkname=english_regions&ns_campaign=bbc_midlands_today
  11. Kenny

    Election Thread

    Might as well have a thread dedicated to the Election, rather than it being spread across 2 or 3 others. Big Nige has decided not to stand at this election, preferring to support the BP candidates up and down the Country (translated as "the fook am i losing an 8th atempt and no doubt beaten by...
  12. Kenny


    Anyone had a PM from a clearly confused chap called Serge overnight? Seems to be pestering folk for tickets for a game that doesn't exist.
  13. Kenny

    RIP Sammy Chapman

    Our former manager has passed away aged 81. https://www.wolvesbite.com/2019/07/tributes-paid-to-former-wolves-manager-sammy-chapman/
  14. Kenny

    Lib Dems

    Have a new leader - Jo Swinson
  15. Kenny

    Wolves v Newcastle - Pre Season Game MATCH THREAD

  16. Kenny

    Race Against Blood Cancer - ‘Be The One’ fundraising dinner

    Race Against Blood Cancer, a national charity that is working to increase the chances of survival for blood cancer patients, has announced that Wolves legend, Carl Ikeme, is supporting the organisation’s ‘Be The One’ fundraising dinner in the Autumn. Being held on Friday 6th September at...
  17. Kenny

    Fixture Changes Thread

    Should be a hell of a lot of games moved this season, especially early doors. To start - Opening game v Leicester now on the Sunday. If we beat Crusaders/B36 it would be moved anyway so sensible doing this now so fans have plenty of time to plan rather than the change being made the week...
  18. Kenny

    The Football News Thread 2019/20 - everything not Wolves

    Other football shizzle in here...
  19. Kenny

    The Manager Sacked/Hired Thread 2019/20

    All manager movements for the season. Albion might have appointed one before its closed...
  20. Kenny

    The Transfer Thread 2019/20 - everything not Wolves

    Time to kick off the new threads. To open Fake Jota to Villa from Blues confirmed with Gary Gardner going t'other way