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  1. sellypark wolf

    Moving to qatar - advice please

    Hi all not posted for ages as last season left me thoroughly despondent and been completely snowed under with work this year. Anyways, I have been offered a job in Qatar, and got back today after checking it out and it all seems good. Does anyone know a good financial advisor /accountant who...
  2. sellypark wolf

    Man City no limits song

    This is the funniest thing have seen in ages. Check out the old boy by the post! BH0tK5t_hSA
  3. sellypark wolf

    7 points from next three games to make or break our season?

    Its fair to say that the next three games could potentially make or break the season. 7 points would put us on 25 from 25, and by drawing with Liverpool and beating QPR and Albion we hopefully overhaul QPR and drag the albion back into the relegation fight. There is no point talking about Mick...
  4. sellypark wolf

    Team for Wednesday

    After yesterday, what with a generally poor display by players, manager and in particular some fans what do people think should be the team for Wednesday night? Do we play our 'first XI' or do we mix it up, and what will scarfi play for city? For me this is an opportunity to 'rest' one or two...
  5. sellypark wolf

    Things that really really annoy you

    Saw this thread on Mrs SPWs Owls Alive board and it threw up some proper gems, so i thought I would 'borrow it'. Anyway, things that really annoy me: People who have a picnic and then leave all their rubbish in the park People in cars when I am on my bike People on bikes when I am in my car...
  6. sellypark wolf

    St Andrews is falling down

    Accompanied the good Mrs SPW to St Andrews yesterday along with a little over 5000 other Wednesdyites to watch the mighty owls (as the good lady calls them) lose to the bluenoses in the cup. What did strike me though was firstly the state of their ground - bordering on derelict, and secondly...
  7. sellypark wolf

    Cheese and biscuits

    Tis christmas and one of the true delights is feasting on cheese and biscuits. The question I ask is which biscuits are best suited for this time honoured tradition. Is a tricky one as certain cheeses are better suited to a certain biscuit (and some cheeses have no place on the cheese board at...
  8. sellypark wolf

    Birmingham fans

    Nice to see the bluenoses reverting to type, kicking off after they have won. That will look good for the World cup bid tomorrow. Fucking muppets!
  9. sellypark wolf

    Who would win in a fight thread?

    Who would win in a fight between Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris? The wife reckons Chuck as apparently he is so hard he once knocked out a horse. I reckon big Steve would have the edge though with his vast array of martial arts, weapons training and more recently finely honed police skills...
  10. sellypark wolf

    Wayne Rooney conspiracy theory

    Now that a certain Mr Rooney has carried out a u-turn of massive proportions it leads me to wonder if all is as it initially appears? Picture the scene - Sir Alex lay awake after another healthy lead has gone down the pan whilst his rivals are scoring for fun and the blue half of Manchester are...
  11. sellypark wolf

    Whats for tea tonight

    I am having roast belly pork with kale, sprouts and mashed potato all from the allotment, with a cider apple butter that the lovely wife made during one of her jam and chutney making sessions. Am well looking forward to it. Washed down with some vintage cider.
  12. sellypark wolf

    Bizarre sarnies and other strange food habits

    I am particularly partial to a cheese and onion pasty sandwich (crusty bread, c/o pasty, tommy k and more bread, and also a jacket potato and cheese sandwich. The missus thinks I'm weird but you can't beat em