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  1. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Fosun: Why Wolves? - and the plan going forward

    A few of my thoughts on why Fosun have invested in Wolves, and how they plan to make us commercially successful 1. History. Wolves have a rich history, being one of the founder members of the football league, and also one of the most successful clubs in English football historically. We may not...
  2. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Stephens Story

    Local lad, 19, unfortunately has terminal cancer. For ages now he has been ticking off a bucket list, and has documented his experience on a Facebook page. He's been doing this as a larger effort to raise money for the teenage cancer trust, which are a pretty incredible charity that do really...
  3. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Morons on the pitch

    Should be ashamed of themselves, having got us that close to the ref abandoning the match. Hopefully the FA don't try and make an example of us with a points deduction. Should the club sanction each and every one of them, and how? Personally, I think that for the people on there whose this was...
  4. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Man United troubles "affect Premier League brand" - Scudamore

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26782112 Richard Scudamore is raising some concerns that Uniteds decline this season is affecting the worldwide brand of the premier league. This makes me very uncomfortable, and is the first time I've really read something from the horses mouth that it's...
  5. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Thomas Hitzelsperger comes out as gay

    Good on him for making it public, but a shame the current attitude in football has caused him to keep this secret for so many years. Him being only the 4th footballer to come out is a shocking stat (him, rodgers, fashanu, hysen). Things really need to change - the authorities need to start...
  6. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Oldham Away - FA Cup First Round

    Feels strange being in the first round of the cup, but this should be a good game, mainly because I'm currently living right next to the stadium.. Realistically we should win this relatively comfortably if the league game is anything to go off. Would like to see a few changes, perhaps give the...
  7. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Away Matches 2013/2014

    I'm going to try and get to a fair few away games, particularly ones that are local to me. I'm thinking: Oldham Crewe Preston Port Vale Bradford Tranmere ...and then possibly Walsall as well, if I can get tickets! Obviously, all of the above depends on fixture scheduling. I'm looking forward...
  8. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Spoilt Princesses moaning about Media Coverage of Wolves

    I've been ranting in another thread about this, and it seems there is strong feeling among many on this board about how our local newspaper go about their business. Constant snidey remarks at the club, generalising an entire fanbase based upon their pointless polls, and deliberately taking...
  9. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Zeli Ismail

    In my opinion, next season is make or break for this guy. He's been tipped as a huge prospect for us for ages, but has barely featured for us. Next season we simply have to start him. If he's as good as he's meant to be, after gaining some momentum he should rip League One apart. If he doesn't...
  10. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Ex-director blames Mick for Wolves' woe

    http://www.expressandstar.com/sport/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2013/05/20/ex-director-blames-mick-mccarthy-for-wolves-woe/ What a complete load of shite. If you are frightened of the manager, you really shouldn't in a position on the board of a football club. I love it how we are getting these...
  11. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Craddock Retires

    Ronseal. Testimonial planned too. Good luck JC, excellent servant to the club.
  12. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Sir Alex Retires

    Regardless of what you think of him, it's the end of an era. The man is a legend and arguably the greatest manager of all time. Always showed a lot of respect and fondness for Wolves too, which probably influences my opinion of him. At the same time, I'm glad he's gone! Might knock united of...
  13. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline


    Deserves his own thread. What tremendous loyalty he has shown today by committing to stay. He could easily play for a top championship team, or possibly a lower PL side, at both clubs on far better money. Now, lets turn him into a legend by building a team around him, he will be immense in...
  14. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    How old are you?

    Ronseal. I'm 24
  15. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Bye bye Dean

    You won't be missed
  16. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Conspiracy Theories

    Can somebody please explain why so many people believe this conspiracy about Morgan only buying Wolves to develop property in and around Wolverhampton? And that he only built the new stand to add value to the club for when he sells it for mega bucks. And that the building of that stand meant we...
  17. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Borussia Dortmund

    Is it just me that has a massive soft spot for this club? Over the last few years, I've been paying close attention to their resurgence in the Bundesliga through the excellent leadership of Klopp. He's took them from the brink of bankruptcy to a club that put four past Real Madrid last night in...
  18. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Early Bird Extra Time

    The club have extended the early bird offer. I assume there has been very poor take up. Thoughts?
  19. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Team for Forest

    Ikeme Doherty - gorkss - Johnson - ward Who knows (probably Edwards) - Henry - Ohara - Sako Ebanks-Blake - sigurdarson Need another win here, at least a draw. in the position we are in, we have to keep picking up points.
  20. Leigh Griffiths' Hairline

    Dean Saunders: Football Teacher

    I think this deserves a thread of it's own. Since becoming manager, Dean has embarked on a crusade of education, commenting in numerous interviews that he will teach certain players certain things. Today, on SEB: On Sako: On Sigurdarson: On Doumbia: What will he teach next?? Answers on...