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  1. big mean bunny

    League without the top 6

    Sorry it's not saving the formatting - Worked out by teams points total versus the top 6 up until 31/03/19 - Put it in it's own thread. Points points v top 6 adjusted Watford 43 3 40 Everton 43 5 38 Leicester 44...
  2. big mean bunny

    20 goal a season striker theory

    So I keep seeing that we need a 20 goal a season striker to get promoted. I decided to look into this. This is literally raw Maths and stats and just on 20 goal a season strikers, not looking at anything else around that; however here it is. I decided to look back to when we were last...
  3. big mean bunny

    Peter Knowles v Huddersfield

    Just wondered if any of the wiser gents were at this game as just heard this gem of a story: Comes from a story a mate's father. Peter Knowles (who I was aware of despite him pre dating me) was one of the best players my mates dad saw, when he played for Wolves against Huddersfield he...
  4. big mean bunny

    It's the middle of May and you still haven't put your Wolves calendar up

    that your mum got you for Xmas chirped the missus just now. Jan - Le Fondre & Afobe Feb - Martinez & Ikeme March - Ojo & Kmac April - Van la Parra & Henry May - Rowe & Golbourne ...It's almost like they were trying to tell us something! August having Edwards and Saville on it seems pretty...
  5. big mean bunny

    The next step - what do you want to see?

    So what do you think we will do at the next level, and what steps do we need to see taken? for me I would prioritise a CB, even just as cover as I would worry about missing Batth or Stearman in the Championship a lot more than I would if one of them was away this season. RB - Do we keep this...
  6. big mean bunny

    Wolves & Reading players.

    I am making something for my mates birthday, can anyone help me out with players that have played for Reading and Wolves? so far I managed to think of: Simon Osborne Marcus Hamanahannananananananan (or whatever his name is) Doyle Soel Ke Hyeon and then hit a massive blank
  7. big mean bunny

    Scott Hogan - since we were linked.

    Been keeping my eye on him since we were linked and must admit he looks a very good player. Had a bit of a dip after January, however hit his 2nd hat trick this year yesterday. I just wondered if we are still keeping tabs on him or if anyone had been doing similar to me and watching out for...
  8. big mean bunny

    Wolves record stands

    Wolves record of scoring in 75 consecutive homes games in the top flight is no longer under threat from Man Utd now after today. Man Utd had managed to score in 67 top flight home games in a row.
  9. big mean bunny

    Wednesday away ticket

    Hi Guys, I just tried to get a ticket to Wednesday away and am not allowed due to loyalty points not being high enough, not going to grumble as its been so long since I went to a game that my account was no longer active! Had originally said I wasn't going but now its getting closer and closer...
  10. big mean bunny

    two footed corner challenge - The Fantasy football club

    Anyone seen this just now? Its the show on sky sports, they do the "two footed corner challenge" where they get 3 players from a club to do the challenge, the players have to take a corner from each side until they score, straight in no bouncing. Wolves were just on, Kevin Foley, Frank Nouble...
  11. big mean bunny

    Wolves v Barca (Friendly)

    How many times have Wolves played Barca in the last 20 or so years? I was just trying to look it up but could only find the game that was 3-2 in 98. I recognised the programme cover. However I am sure Sonny Anderson played for Barca against Wolves (and scored), yet I can't see him listed in the...
  12. big mean bunny

    Wolves u21s kick off today.

    The game is on LFCTV live at 13.45 just in case anyone is interested. You get it free if you have either sky sports on sky, or XL on Virgin. Due to the fact I am lazy school worker scum and am off, I will give this a watch I reckon.
  13. big mean bunny

    Premier league payments - Where the money went

    just thought I would post this link up in case anyone is interested, it shows the amount of money we received (and every other prem club for that matter) from being in the prem (not gate receipts or our own commercial stuff mind)...
  14. big mean bunny


    stole this from another forum, however thought it was interesting considering the amount of talk on here about us trying to get back in the first hit. Stats of the clubs that have went down and where they have finished. I would have guessed a lot more teams came back up first time than actually...
  15. big mean bunny

    Brendan Rodgers and the art of winning - article

    not sure if anyone has posted this up as I have not been around this week, however it seemed a decent article and has a few mentions of us and our woeful performance at Fulham in it. http://www.wsc.co.uk/content/view/8443/38/