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  1. Parkins left foot

    Silverback Gorilla v a Bull - who would win

    Close season now so nothing to discuss apart from what might happen & some threads already descending into near acrimony, which is why I don't bother engaging as have better things to do with my life. Think it's time for a 'random & totally irrelevant one' to lighten the mood & get us...
  2. Parkins left foot

    Wolves V West Ham 20.11.21 - build up & matchday

    Will no doubt be a difficult one as their confidence will be high especially after the last game Sa Kilman - Coady - Saiss Semedo - Neves - Moutinho - Ait Nouri (still not convinced on Semedo, but realistically no other better option available) Trincao - Jiminez - Hwang Would change...
  3. Parkins left foot

    Man U 23rd May

    Entered the ballot for this & didn't expect anything, but have a priority 1 selection so should be able to get a ticket. I know it's Man U & it will not be a normal experience, but after almost 15 months away just want to be back there. Assuming that restrictions ease as promised on the 17th...
  4. Parkins left foot

    FA Cup 4th Rd: Chorley 0-1 Wolves

    We won - not going to say anything else
  5. Parkins left foot

    FA Cup 4th Round

    OK we know almost all the runners for this - then what would we prefer? Preference is a home game to restrict the travel issues & preferably not one of the other remaining PL teams (though would take one as long as its not MU - we have done that too often). Lower or non league teams are always...
  6. Parkins left foot

    Hated songs

    Are there any songs that you just can't take - not just the 'comedy' novelty act ones, but songs that many will like. For me at the moment it's The Stones 'Living in a Ghost Town' - a real dirge & not what I want them doing. Just have to turn it off if it comes on the radio.
  7. Parkins left foot

    Lockdown and wildlife

    Its been far more pleasant of late to open the back door & just get birdsong rather than road noise. Had a sparrowhawk in the front garden 2 days ago (no more than 10 ft away) devouring a dove that it had caught & killed (vicious beak those things have) Wanted a photo but was inside at the...
  8. Parkins left foot

    Post Covid football attendance

    This season, assuming that it does finish, will do so behind closed doors & probably in neutral venues away from the home ground so this issue doesn’t apply for now. If the 20/21 season starts at some point with attendances allowed then what are peoples thoughts about attending given that...
  9. Parkins left foot

    Wolves 3 v Norwich 0 The 'simples' really verdict thread

    Another clean sheet & 3 goals Doesn't sound as if we were that impressive either, but still far too much for Norwich. Gave up possession, but we don't have a problem with that. Jota on fire & Raul with a goal. A decent afternoon for us.
  10. Parkins left foot

    Fashion faux pas (when you look back with maturity)

    Given that we are in a 'dead' period for football for a short while then time for a TWF random pointless thread :nod: Been looking at you tube music videos from the 70's this afternoon & cannot believe that I used to wear clothes like that, though I know that I did. Flared trousers so wide &...
  11. Parkins left foot

    Wolves v Liverpool 23rd Jan

    Lets see if this thread can be incident free & not locked off at some point please. Don't expect any changes from us (unless Jota or Boly are back which I suspect they aren't). Reading RAWK most on there expect a win, though don't seem to like us fans much? (we are very pleasant people really...
  12. Parkins left foot

    Norwich 1 - Wolves 2 the daylight robbery match verdict thread

    No idea how we won that, but feck I will take that. Thank you Rui for keeping us in the game in the first half - Traore the only other who really performed. Play badly & win is a sign of a very good team.
  13. Parkins left foot

    West Ham 4th Dec

    Again early to be putting this up, but my S/T will be avaialble for this. Have to drive up & stay for the Sheff game on the Sunday (Sunday trains from here are infrequent!), though ndorset is coming as well so whilst I drive he pays half of the cost. Have to be back here for something else on...
  14. Parkins left foot

    Villa home game (league) 10th November

    Bit early to start this, but not going to be able to be there as up on the Thursday before for the Bratislava game so my seat will be available for this one. It is an 'over age' ticket so many will need to upgrade - if anyone is interested then PM me for details. Can sell it back to the club...
  15. Parkins left foot

    Brighton Home game - Saturday 20th April at 3 pm

    Though it's a bit early to put this here given next months fixtures including the Semi Final & the fact that I will be going to Southampton away then really can't afford all so my S/T seat will be available for this. Just need to bear in mind that it is a concession OAP ticket (though not seen...
  16. Parkins left foot

    Wolves 2 - 0 Cardiff: A perfect rebound verdict thread

    Decent performance albeit against a mediocre team (though that's not always gone well) Some decent performances - Boly was immense & the Jota/Jiminez partnership really works. MoTM for me though is Conor Coady - the number of times that his anticipation & interceptions that killed of attacks...
  17. Parkins left foot

    Wolves 2 - Bournemouth 0 an extremely satisfying verdict thread

    Doing them over after some of the stuff we suffered when they went up is more than satisfying Plus get to annoy an acquaintance (who is a S/T holder there at Monday's Bowling Club Christmas coffee morning - I will be rubbing it in :icon_lol:) We were not completely on it, but good enough -...
  18. Parkins left foot

    Bournemouth (H) - 15th December (3pm)

    This is on general sale now though tickets only appear to be available in the open air stand (apart from a few in the BW lower family area) My S/T will be available (please note that it is a concession over 65's ticket) as can't do this many in close proximity for financial reasons (not helped...
  19. Parkins left foot

    Brighton 1 v Wolves 0 a disappointing visit to the south coast verdict thread

    The stats will show that we bossed this - we still lost Not going to 'slit my wrists' as a result, but we do need to get a greater clinical edge when we are dominating games. When your RWB is the most effective striker there is an issue to solve. We have had a reasonable start to the PL...
  20. Parkins left foot

    Arsenal away - 11th November

    Had intended not to do any away games this year due to cost of the S/T, but tempted by this as not been to the Emirates & only £11.25 for an old person (plus travel is not ruinous from down here) However no way it's getting to my loyalty points level as only a very few seats left & only just...