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  1. Freddeno

    Fantasy Premier League

    Sorry if I post this if it exists, do we have an internal league with a code this year?
  2. Freddeno

    Manchester Utd (H) 23/5/21 - Build-Up & Match Thread *Nuno the legend´s last game in charge*

    More important than the match itself will be the celebration of Nuno and to thank him for everything he has done for the club and city of Wolverhampton. Will be a very special day for many people. Thank you for everything Nuno, you will always be in our hearts both as the great manager you are...
  3. Freddeno

    Wolves v Reading Matchday thread

    Here we go, looking to get back on track and 3 pts will be vital..almost as vital as kicking Trump off his high horse..would like to see us go for it straight away and not relax and not let them play at all..
  4. Freddeno

    Change username?

    Is it easy for a mod or admin to change usernames..when I signed up on here years ago i made the account with a small f have always wanted a big F instead in my username..would be nice if you could fix that..cheers