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  1. Johnny75

    Brighton 2-2 Wolves

    Some ropey defending aside it was a solid yet unspectacular performance. Jota MOtM.
  2. Johnny75

    Besiktas 0 Wolves 1 - At least Dick Turpin wore a mask verdict thread

    A dire performance capped off by 10 minutes of attacking and a beautiful goal from our clear MotM. Nuno needs to bin these tactics as the football was dreck and Besiktas were garbage. But a win's a win and keeps us in the game.
  3. Johnny75

    Leicester 0-0 Wolves We've been roobbed Verdict thread:

    Away you go.
  4. Johnny75

    We're all off to get blue passports Watford 1 - 2 Wolves verdict.

    Excellent result.
  5. Johnny75

    Welcome to Wolves Roderick Miranda

    Hopefully the first of many but at least we have a centre half! https://twitter.com/Wolves/status/874672779047686144
  6. Johnny75

    Wolves 0-2 Brighton Where's Dave gone? Verdict

    Piss poor.
  7. Johnny75

    Wolves 1 Villa 0. If only Dicko could look up verdict thread

    Away you go.
  8. Johnny75

    What do we really need for promotion next season?

    There's been some decent debate on twitter (not the usual meltdown) about what is needed for the squad next season. That is assuming we don't go up this season before some smart arse says you can't get promoted from the Prem. It is widely assumed we will not retain Sako and with our frailties...