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  1. Aikiwolf

    Leeds (A) - verdict

    Killman was excellent, a deserved motm for him. The whole of the back 3 player really well but I have massive reservations over Semedo, he was ball watching and caught out of position a lot. Honerable mention for Neto who was excellent tonight, ran himself into the ground and was very dangerous.
  2. Aikiwolf

    Leeds (A) 19/10 Build-Up & Matchday Thread

    I'm expecting a really tricky game tonight, we have the quality to beat them but we've not really clicked for a while. I think we will play 343 but not sure which of our midfield 3 will start. Maybe Neves and Donk?
  3. Aikiwolf

    Leeds (A) 19/10 Build-Up & Matchday Thread

    "We wont have a particular way of playing. We'll change it up from week to week. The opposition wont know what's hit them!" Saunders, D, 2013.
  4. Aikiwolf

    Loan Watch 2020-2021

    Must have been during the switch over to the new forum. I'll make sure I follow the guidance from now on!
  5. Aikiwolf


    Good work all! Thanks for all the work to upgrade.
  6. Aikiwolf

    FA Cup: semi final draw

    So who do we want?! I'd guess City would be played on the Saturday due to champ league fixtures and a game against Watford or Millwall/Brighton would be on the Sunday?
  7. Aikiwolf

    Worst Wolves Merchandise

    I was playing my first ever game of squash the other day and the guy I was playing with put on a sweatband, nothing unusual but it reminded me of some of the worst Wolves merchandise I've ever bought... An dual pack of Wolves sweatbands with matching sweat headband. The sweatbands were a thick...
  8. Aikiwolf

    The 1-2 Crying Game Verdict thread

    Bit harsh on Tony Daley, he's fairly shredded tbh Norman! Other than that I completely agree with your post. Interestingly I found this on Daley's twitter (from last season) Shows how hard our fullbacks actually work, regardless of appearence. But what's more interesting is this is...
  9. Aikiwolf

    Technology and Football

    Seeing as the General Wolves thread is starting to be overrun with this discussion... I contend that football is a better sport with the mistakes left in, it creates excitement, debate and interest in the game. The element of luck allows teams to pull off a lucky victory against bigger clubs...
  10. Aikiwolf

    Political Compass

    " Liberal lefty all the way! It's the only way tbh, any other views are incorrect :run:
  11. Aikiwolf

    Barnsley 1 - 3 Wolves: "And we didn't have to pay 15m for this one!" Verdict Thread

    In a continuation of a theme started by Quirk - equally as emotional as the Liverpool huddle....!
  12. Aikiwolf

    Loyalty Points

    Just a heads up really, Wolves emailed me about my loyalty points and the system not working properly. Main issue was they had my points wrong in the email! They also emailed my brother and had his points as 0. Worth checking any emails they've sent about loyalty points.
  13. Aikiwolf

    Wolves 4 Fulham 4 - Verdict Thread

    Wow! Fire away chaps - try and beat today's 43 shots...!
  14. Aikiwolf

    New Kits 2016/17

    Quite like the new Barca kit:
  15. Aikiwolf

    Wolves vs Forest - the apathy matchday thread

    Let's hope it's 442 with ALF and Benik up top! Mancienne hasn't scored a professional goal in his career so put your mortgage on him to score the only goal!
  16. Aikiwolf

    Early Bird

    http://mobile.wolves.co.uk/news/article/wolves-launch-early-bird-survey-2190986.aspx So the early bird will be returning this February. The club are considering opening it to all fans to increase attendance, though season ticket holders get to a have a vote on whether they agree or not! I am...
  17. Aikiwolf

    Clarke Carlisle

    News filtering through on Twitter that he has been hit by a lorry and is in hospital fighting for his life http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2884045/Clarke-Carlisle-fighting-life-hospital-hit-lorry-A64.html
  18. Aikiwolf

    Empty seats

    The top of the North Bank has a huge empty quadrant. Should this empty sea of seats be given to kids for free (or free with an adult ticket)? IMO empty seats are a complete waste of space, kids who get in free now will buy tickets in the future, plus parents will buy them merchandise now. I...
  19. Aikiwolf

    Altodigital sponsorship

    @OfficialWolves's Tweet: https://twitter.com/OfficialWolves/status/497051587173310464 The toaster banner will remain in part following this...but which part?!
  20. Aikiwolf

    save our crest!

    So a new supporters group for the newly founded NYCFC appears to have taken a liking to our current club crest.... They are called @WallStHooligans (nice name) and Wolves have asked them via twitter to amend/change the crest...