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    Leeds (A) - verdict

    Superb defensive display that. Max, Coady, Sais (other than first 10 mins!) And Boly exemplary. After Semedo's foul throw he was shit (not for one moment saying that was the reason :) just that he went particularly crap after that) allowed cross after cross after cross. In fairness to NS he's...
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    Leeds (A) 19/10 Build-Up & Matchday Thread

    First 15 they started like a train but created fuck all, the Podence injury helped us regain some composure and we edged back into the game. Their main tactic is get it wide and cross it in with immense pace, Kilman has defended really well. By no means a "good" performance, but we've looked...
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    Looking good chaps, nice and clean and fresh. It's good to be able to "like" posts! One little thing, is there an option to turn off user avatars? I've had a look but failed to find the option, as Jinky said the less obvious this is at work the better!