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  1. Paddingtonwolf

    Live Match Discussion: 2020/21

    Nope. FA have specifically said the officials saw it so it takes something exceptional to intervene. What exceptional needs to be is unclear. Presumably nuclear weapons.
  2. Paddingtonwolf

    Live Match Discussion: 2020/21

    No retrospective action against Pickford as the referee saw the incident. What a crock of shit.
  3. Paddingtonwolf


    Two week full lockdown for Wales. It seems to be a proper ‘stay at home do not go to work’ job as well.
  4. Paddingtonwolf


    Fucking prick. I hope COVID revisits and kills him.
  5. Paddingtonwolf

    Leeds (A) 19/10 Build-Up & Matchday Thread

    Sky football and Premier League
  6. Paddingtonwolf

    The " Honey I'm home and I'm bloody starving , what's for dinner " Thread.

    It’s great in there. Food is magnificent and the extensive posh gin menu is a bonus.
  7. Paddingtonwolf


    How do we get at the emojis?
  8. Paddingtonwolf

    Bournemouth (A) Match thread

    Traore and Jimenez both still in the side. Our best line-up considering the Boly injury.
  9. Paddingtonwolf

    Rugby World Cup Japan 2019

    Opening ceremony about to start before festivities begin with the hosts against Russia. Really looking forward to New Zealand v South Africa tomorrow, and Australia v Fiji and France v Argentina should be crackers as well.
  10. Paddingtonwolf

    Live Match Discussion 2018/19

    What a terrible shame.
  11. Paddingtonwolf

    Happy New Year TWF

    It's time my lovelies! All your wishes in here
  12. Paddingtonwolf

    Fifa 19 Thread - yay, a card game on the telly!

    Anyone seen the Molineux screenshots from FIFA 19? It looks absolutely incredible!
  13. Paddingtonwolf


    Okay, we are half way, so I thought it would be a good time to set this up. There are three magic numbers 1. The playoff magic number 2. The automatic promotion magic number 3, The title magic number Everyone has 69 points to play for. As of now, number one is the maximum the team in 7th...
  14. Paddingtonwolf

    Dirty Leeds Done Dirt Cheap: Wolves 4 Leeds 1 - The Verdict

    Fire away chaps. Magnificent performance once again and four points clear at the top.
  15. Paddingtonwolf

    Asking for or supplying streams

    Wolves have very kindly made viewing available to us by paying a fee for the pre-season friendlies. It is a bonus service. However, people still want to try and find that content for free by what are effectively unacceptable means. We, as the mods and admin team here at TWF cannot allow that, so...
  16. Paddingtonwolf

    The TWF Recipe Thread

    As requested, this is the start of the TWF Cookbook thread. When it becomes an Amazon bestseller I get all the royalties because my post was first :neer_neer: I will go through the threads and find recipes and drop them into this post as I find them. Add your own below if you wish. 1...
  17. Paddingtonwolf

    Baseball thread 2016

    Starting a new one for the post-season madness Wildcard games went just about as I expected (bonus as a Cubs fan that the Mets bit the dust as we never beat them in a series) Blue Jays v Rangers series has just started in Texas. Quiet stuff with the Jays smashing 5 runs in the third inning...
  18. Paddingtonwolf

    Brentford (H) Build-Up 24/9/16

    Looks familiar, that BEE
  19. Paddingtonwolf

    The best cover versions thread

    As requested, let's get this started... Am I Evil? - Metallica Planet Caravan - Pantera Saturday Nights Alright - Flotsam and Jetsam Painkiller - Death
  20. Paddingtonwolf

    The top 40 tracks thread

    In no order these are my submissions:- 1.Whole Lotta Rosie - AC / DC 2.Angel of Death - Slayer 3.Disposable Heroes - Metallica 4.Freebird - Lynyrd Skynryd 5.Little Wing - Hendrix 6.19th Nervous Breakdown - Rolling Stones 7.It's Late - Queen 8.I am the Law - Anthrax 9.Child in Time - Deep Purple...