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  1. Lincs_Wolf

    Leeds (A) - verdict

    Thought Neto was brilliant tonight, Podence was more eye catching with the shots and near assist with Saiss but Neto got us up the pitch a few times and it was his clever pass that nearly led to going in 1-0 at HT. He was blowing the last 10 before he came off but I think he had a great game...
  2. Lincs_Wolf

    Leeds (A) 19/10 Build-Up & Matchday Thread

    Harrison has been getting the freedom of Elland Road with Semedo appearing to tuck in and hes got cross after cross in. He hasn't had the better of Nelson in their 1v1's but its worrying how much space he's been afforded. Think Kilman has been very composed though, right call to start so far...
  3. Lincs_Wolf

    Boris at it again

    In the 2020 is relentless part 4850153749 we are all Theresa May.
  4. Lincs_Wolf

    General Wolves News

    Garth Crooks the absolute moron. Starts with a dig at Nuno for leaving Traore on the bench v West Ham because he's too thick to see the game plan in action then suggests Traore wait and follow Nuno to a bigger club. Prat.
  5. Lincs_Wolf

    Things that really really annoy you

    Just a statue protector pissing on/next to the memorial for PC Keith Palmer the officer butchered by an Islamist terrorist during the London Bridge attack in 2017. Desecration takes many forms.
  6. Lincs_Wolf

    Boris at it again

    May not achieve much but I've popped off an email to the Standards Commissioner for the House of Commons. The conduct of these three falls short of Section 16 of the MP's Code of Conduct.
  7. Lincs_Wolf

    Crusaders (H) 25-07 Build Up

    Utterly fucked.
  8. Lincs_Wolf

    Things that make you SAD thread.

    Said goodbye to my gorgeous girl today. I know it was the humane thing to do but still sucks.
  9. Lincs_Wolf


    Received the Brexit Barman's propoganda rag through the door this morning. Suspect TT might've since we live in the same constituency, but anybody else had one?
  10. Lincs_Wolf

    Aston Villa

  11. Lincs_Wolf

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Full story here: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2018/sep/16/michael-gove-criticised-hungary-viktor-orban-tories
  12. Lincs_Wolf

    General Wolves News

    Subway looking snazzy!
  13. Lincs_Wolf

    General Wolves News

    The people managing the @WolvesPRT Twitter account fucked up this afternoon by forgetting to log out of Cristiano Ronaldo's account before posting about the new Champions Book.. tweet was sharpishly deleted :icon_lol:
  14. Lincs_Wolf

    A bunch of Spoilt Princesses moaning about the E&S Thread

    Possibly their biggest proofreading gaffe yet... Jeff Shit in the caption :icon_lol:
  15. Lincs_Wolf

    General Wolves News

    Back peddling like Roger Johnson...
  16. Lincs_Wolf

    Burton build up...

    Definitely his ankle, ouch!
  17. Lincs_Wolf

    The Football News Thread 2017/18 - everything not Wolves

    Check out Tottenham's season ticket prices at the new WHL... Price list Stadium plan Cheapest kids season ticket is £397. No concession prices in seven areas of the ground.
  18. Lincs_Wolf

    General Wolves News

  19. Lincs_Wolf

    The Manager Sacked/Hired Thread 2017/18

    I'll let you enjoy this here chaps...
  20. Lincs_Wolf

    The Mental Health thread

    Wasn't sure where to put this given it has multiple themes and could've gone here or in CA. My brother has long term mental health issues and was put onto Universal Credit, after being on ESA. He had the customary 6 week wait between payments and in this time his prescription was due for...