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  1. Johnny75

    Brighton 2-2 Wolves

    Some ropey defending aside it was a solid yet unspectacular performance. Jota MOtM.
  2. Johnny75

    Besiktas 0 Wolves 1 - At least Dick Turpin wore a mask verdict thread

    A dire performance capped off by 10 minutes of attacking and a beautiful goal from our clear MotM. Nuno needs to bin these tactics as the football was dreck and Besiktas were garbage. But a win's a win and keeps us in the game.
  3. Johnny75

    Leicester 0-0 Wolves We've been roobbed Verdict thread:

    Away you go.
  4. Johnny75

    We're all off to get blue passports Watford 1 - 2 Wolves verdict.

    Excellent result.
  5. Johnny75

    Charity Bike Ride

    I know you can't go very far these days without somebody shaking a tin under your nose so please forgive me for doing it on here. I am riding in the Help for Heroes Battlefield bike ride this year. For those that don't know this is a charity which helps out veterans who have been injured both...
  6. Johnny75

    Welcome to Wolves Roderick Miranda

    Hopefully the first of many but at least we have a centre half! https://twitter.com/Wolves/status/874672779047686144
  7. Johnny75

    Wolves 0-2 Brighton Where's Dave gone? Verdict

    Piss poor.
  8. Johnny75

    Wolves 1 Villa 0. If only Dicko could look up verdict thread

    Away you go.