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  1. The Weasel

    Is Anyone Paying for the Wolves vs Palace Game?

    nope, its just pure fan exploitation
  2. The Weasel

    Happy 11th Birthday TWF

    2009 crew...but only here for the big games for the first few years...
  3. The Weasel


    Is there a setting I can change so that when I click on a thread it opens in a new window?
  4. The Weasel


    Look after yourself mate
  5. The Weasel


    Loving your work Boozad, big thanks from me mate!
  6. The Weasel

    January 2020 transfer window

    his new friends on insta...
  7. The Weasel

    Torino (H) 2nd leg build up thread

    Oh dear, what can i say...
  8. The Weasel

    Wolves Help

    Great fun this...
  9. The Weasel

    Official complaint

    Seyi George Olofinfairy?!?!?! Ok, what do I have to do to get on to whoever's next....give me a target ffs! I rate Seyi marginally less than Deutsch does. This is torment.
  10. The Weasel

    Help needed...

    Posted this on the mix earlier and was somewhat overwhelmed by the response. Hope you don't object to me tarting myself here too...its only a 48hr thing, so it'll have disappeared before you know it. Anyhow feel free to move it to whichever forum best suits but in the interest of spreading the...