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  1. pavlosmacwolf

    So how do we do stop racist abuse in football?

    It's 2019, and yet the answer to racist abuse in football is fines of around 50,000, and a staduim closure or part closure. There are so many opinions out there after the last England game, what do you guys think. Take the team off the pitch?, throw teams out of international competition? and...
  2. pavlosmacwolf

    Happy St Pat's day!

    Celebrate thebirish today, because without us humour would be extinct!
  3. pavlosmacwolf

    Has Jose lost the plot?

    I am intrigued following Mourinho at Man U so far. It seems to me his blow out season at Chelsea was not a one off, but a sign that the special one has virtually lost the plot. He has made some decisions and offered some reactions that frankly, don't make any sense, when comparing him to the...
  4. pavlosmacwolf

    Lineker, will he or won't he?

    Frankly i see no way out of this for gazza, ok i think he will don some boxers rather than Y fronts, but i guess Saturday night his socks won't be stuffed in his shoes under the desk. ha ha ha
  5. pavlosmacwolf

    3rd place game??? Is there one tonight???

    Has someone finally seen sense an dumped the ridiculous 3rd place game at the euros, or are wales playing Germany tonight??
  6. pavlosmacwolf


    Yes I know this must be the 1 millionth thread about these guys, but since the ftukish airport horror, shouldn't, a co\alition,, just decide to get in there and wipe them out? Sorry guys to start a new thread but now it must be time for the big boys to come to the party and stop this shit...
  7. pavlosmacwolf

    Zlatan and Mourino to Man U??? You're kidding me

    This has to be one of the beat comedies of our time, who is bunging. Who? Premier league, Swiss investigation? For Sure!!!!
  8. pavlosmacwolf

    anyone know what TBC means in TV terms?

    sorry to start a thread for this, but i have some kraut friends over and on sat we want to double up on the English FA cup and the Bundesliga Fa cup final, whilst getting fat and legless in a taverna. Our tavernas now have three choices of sat TV, so which one? Everywhere i go on tinterweb it...
  9. pavlosmacwolf

    10 years would not be enough!

    I just saw this while winding up my internet after the city game. I am gobsmacked and this asshole should get more than 10 years just for the distress he caused the children. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/apr/12/portuguese-policeman-father-prison-sentence
  10. pavlosmacwolf

    the wierdest job you ever ad?

    well, I have done some varied jobs in my years here in Vasilika and some shitty ones at that, but today was the weirdest up to now, I think. I was asked to re paint the letters on a headstone "in situe" in a graveyard. I knew the guy quite well, a very old chap who likes a drink, but the...
  11. pavlosmacwolf

    Days of shame!

    Well there is no longer any need for a Brexit referendum in June,because there is no longer a European Union. I have watched the news over the last few days with a tear in my eye. Human beings, many of them innocent children, are camping in their thousands in tents no more use than a denim...
  12. pavlosmacwolf

    Learning a foreign language with Joe Mason

    Well, I am sorry we screwed the welcome to Joe thread with this topic, and as I'm not sure we finished up on the topic, so here's the thread Langers rightly suggested and let's see. For me one interesting thing in all of my three languages, is the late night, had a few conversation. Here, after...
  13. pavlosmacwolf

    Barton? right or just a bellend?

    I just read this from Joey Barton, and with all the bollocks going on at Wolves right now, I ask, Does he have a point? http://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/jan/21/joey-barton-burnley-qpr-championship-promotion
  14. pavlosmacwolf

    Happy new year all!

    Yes i know it's early but i have a function later and the internet here anywhere near midnight is as much use as a one legged man at an arse kicking party. So, with the excuses out of the way, and being unable to find a HNY thread, I just want to wish you all a Great New Year, may you stay...
  15. pavlosmacwolf

    The newly named EFL???

    I have no idea which numpty came up with this idea, or indeed the 1960's logo, If i had when i worked in the ad game i would expect to be fired immeadiately, but despite that, the comments from one of the two Welsh teams today make me laugh. If they don't like it, then they can always fuck off...
  16. pavlosmacwolf

    Aung San Suu Kyi, a vision for the future?

    Against all odds, in a still not 100% clean election, this woman, this promoter of turning the other cheek, has achieved what many believed impossible. and at no small threat to her life! Will the military in Myanmar now hoard the cash they have accumulted in years of power, call it a draw and...
  17. pavlosmacwolf

    liverpool wolves secret friendly

    Goals from Philippe Coutinho (2) and Roberto Firmino helped #LFC beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-2 in a friendly at Melwood this afternoon. Liverpool FC LFC Goals from Philippe Coutinho (2) and Roberto Firmino helped #LFC beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-2 in a friendly at Melwood this afternoon...
  18. pavlosmacwolf

    Soozie's Christmas 3 month run in

    Go for it Sooze, at least it will all be in one place now. I may have to start a Bah Humbug thread, but i'm busy eating right now.
  19. pavlosmacwolf

    booing the champs league anthem, who gives a ..............

    http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/oct/22/uefa-manchester-city-champions-league-anthem cannot believe EUFA are even seriously considering this. At the prices fans pay for football these days they are entitled to boo whatever they like , and the club certainly and EUFA most definately...
  20. pavlosmacwolf

    Beckham the new Bond????????

    Just seen this on the news here so I am guessing it is just Greek news bullshit, but what do you think? For me as much as I like the guy, Just NO!