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  1. pavlosmacwolf

    The Advice Thread

    Frank introduced me to TWF, in liked him and for some reason missed all the bollocks that happened. No idea what it was and why, but in wouldn't mind the old bugger back.
  2. pavlosmacwolf

    Villa 0-0 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Ha ha listen to the kids! I am 68, and yet still outdoors chopping fallen tree s with an axe, although getting out of bed the next morning is like unfolding a complicated origami piece. I do make more noises than I ever did but so far, apart from my eyes seemingly not needing glasses as they...
  3. pavlosmacwolf

    Man City 4-1 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Well I have spent years following wolves, and frankly I think I have seen it all. So, as I never ever go near the match day thread and rarely on the verdict thread, I kinda feel I am entitled to a quickie,(ain't we all). So.... Anyone who is spouting that we are a top four, top six side, needs...
  4. pavlosmacwolf

    Man City 4-1 Wolves: Verdict Thread

    Are you related to general Custer by any chance?