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Cybertosis- 2019-2020

Stan Hullis

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Nov 24, 2010
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I am putting this on here as I do not feel welcome on any other thread where I can post paragraphs and then get online crucified for one line. Then when I point out its OTT I get accused of having a victim complex. But I take note of those who have said I should know when to let go and have since the Villa game.

So those of you who wish to read this read on. Those who want to to pillory me, fuck off to another thread.;);)

Chelsea was great in the second half. Pace, movement , and a last gasp winner. As right as Nuno got that tactically then at half time was as wrong as he got it against Burnley. It was awful to watch. We were outplayed , outthought and outscored by a team who had only scored two goals at home all year. In June against them we lost two points to a Mike Dean special. Yesterday we were lucky to come away with 2-1. It could and should have been worse. I read the matchday thread. I saw many posts that had a familiarly depressing ring as I had posted similar in games in 2020. Same shit different day. And if you want to revisit those horrible games just think Arsenal at home , Watford away, Sheffield United away last season , West Ham, Burnley this. There are more games we could look at. We look a sad parody of the team that reached a quarter final of the Europa League barely 6 months ago. Yet there are flashes of brilliance, Arsenal and Chelsea recently and Everton at the end of last season. But that is flashes. It is not consistent. I am coming to the conclusion that we only look good when everyone is on form. If anyone dips then its like a cog goes missing in the machine and the whole collective doesn't work properly.

As regards set pieces we look awful! We must be the only team that the defending side is happy to concede free kicks around the box too as Neves hasnt found his shooting boots and no-one else can hit a cows arse with a banjo. Corners are laughable. Predictable and non threatening and now more likely to result in an opposition counter attack than a chance for us.

I still think Burnley will struggle in the lower reaches. They are a shithouse side and they have a way of getting points off us at most opportunities. But we have not made it easy for ourselves with our recruitment in the summer. Silva is only potential despite his well taken penalty , Semedo has done little to justify the best part of 30 m quid. However must be due a run. It all looks a bit of a mess at the moment from back to front. We cannot score and dont create enough , often enough yet concede some really soft goals. It is costing us. Fosun need to dig deep in January for a striker and an attacking midfielder who can create, both with a proven record not potential.
If you delete the first two paragraphs of tiny violin playing, I agree with most of the rest and it's points well made.

Don't be so harsh on yourself ;)


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Sep 2, 2012
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I agree generally with what you say (although a bit over the top for me)
Think everyone thought Nuno got it wrong yeasterday, from the team selection to the formation. Silva simply has to start every game till we get another striker.
Yes he's young and inexperienced but we just look so much more dangerous with him as a focal point.
Imo Nuno needs to stop tinkering, he does have injury problems though I think, Traore looks to be carrying a knock to me and of course Boly and Donk.
I think we're inconsistent atm rather than poor, which I expected when we decided to try and and change the way we play, what I didn't expect was to be half way through the season and the players look not to have ever met one another.

Deleted Cyber

No point starting another thread so its time for my annual pilgrimage into the land of predictions. Remember this is the cybertosis thread and after our 3 loss to Stoke on the bounce its another season where odd things may happen.So if you are interested in my musings here is what I think for 2020/21. Remember I did call Bournemouth and Norwich last year before a ball was kicked and Brighton wasn't far away.

The league will be again divided into three. Top six, middle ,six bottom eight.

Top Six is the big six. All have made improvements in personnel . Chelsea are the dark horses to challenge City and Liverpool with Arsenal close behind. Spurs with Bale should compete with United for 5th. It will be closer I think this year. The top four separated by a maximum of 10 points so its game on until the end of the season for the title for me. Chelsea or Arsenal to win it? You would get good odds so if you like a flutter stick a tenner on either. Its better value than Liverpool or City. I expect us to average a point a game against the big six.

Middle six teams
Everton Leicester Newcastle Southampton Leeds and us. Everton have bought well. Newcastle are more solid under Bruce and should score more . Three points for a win will help Leeds who will concede a few and lose plenty but will win enough too to finish top 12. We need to average 1.5 points per game from these so 15 points from 10 games.

Bottom eight
West Ham , Brighton, Villa ,Sheffield united , Palace Fulham,Burnley, West Brom. I think WBA Palace and Fulham will struggle badly but Burnley and Sheffield both have limited squads.I would expect us to average two points per game against these so 32 points.

So the teams we might have a banana skin moment would be Fulham Burnley and either of our local rivals Villa or WBA. We are so due a win over Brighton I think that will happen this season.

So around 55 to 60 points is hoped.

Let's see.

Bottom five Palace WBA Burnley Fulham Sheff united.
Got a lot right.
Losses to Villa and WBA
Bottom 5 was a good effort
Leeds was spot on.
Chelsea a good call too as was City

Arsenal and Liverpool shafted me. Vile and Hammers overperformed. Not at all shabby.
if you were looking for my Henderson comment I think it’s on the England thread where I said Sheffield would miss him and Rsmsdsle would be a poor replacement. I think it’s there anyway!
We have also underperformed as has been well documented. Cheers for posting this. I haven’t looked at it for a while


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Aug 10, 2011
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