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Aug 5, 2021
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Afternoon all. I've been a long time lurker on this excellent forum for a long time now, used to have an account but it's lost so I've created another. I used to go to games fairly regularly when I lived in Bath but We moved to North Cornwall with a young family 10 years ago so have missed the new era at Molineux due to it being such a mission to get tickets and the obvious transport issues.
Managed to get to the ground for the Celta Vigo match with my two Wolves mad teenagers and my Dad who was brought up in Penn.
Absolutely loved being back in the ground and for a friendly that we lost, thoroughly enjoyed the match.
We go to watch Plymouth Argyle a lot as it's our closest league ground and although it's good fun (sometimes), it's not the same as your own team.
I've been a fan since as a 14 year old my Dad took me to the Sherpa van trophy final. Hooked ever since.
Just wanted to say thanks to the regular posters who offer fans like me an insight into the games and goings on at Molineux that I'd never get anywhere else. Really hope to get to a league game this year, my lads are desperate to go again.
Have a great time all of you lucky ones going to the spurs game, it's a special place when it's rocking.
Regards, Pastywolf