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Where will Wolves finish 2021/2?

Where will Wolves finish?

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May 23, 2021
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Now I dont want a row but in this case , even if misplaced , our optimism was correct. Sa was an inspired signing. I called that 100% from the start. Others thought he was shit and missed Patricio. We haven't. Not a moment of it. I must get right under a number of yours skin for you to be trawling through posts in a desperate attempt to discredit me. Dont worry . I am perfectly capable of doing that for you.

Well he hasnt posted for a while so you best get trawling.

So, I worried about the squad depth then ( still worried) Worried about midfield cover then (still worried) Thought we could lose stars in January (Lost Traore). I dont see why some get so bent out of shape. Just because my glasses are not rose tinted. Oh , perhaps its because I am not a season ticket holder so have little right to an opinion? Who knows.

You are perfectly capable of discrediting yourself? 😉


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Oct 5, 2010
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Yes, I wish I'd had his confidence for a top-half finish; served me well in our first season, did that. I did lump on with Bet365 at 5/4 to achieve > 44 points this season, so I really, really hope it doesn't all fall to shit :rolleyes:
Congratulations 👍