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Wolves worst signings


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Aug 20, 2011
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I know all clubs make their share of signings that don't work out but if you look at our major signings for the first team over the years since our first season in the Premier League where we had a very good summer window I think our hit rate is very poor.

If you look at this list I'd say the amount of players that have either been downright crap or been decent/ok but not value for the money outlayed easily outstrips the good signings we have made.


This can't keep going on - if you keep getting recruitment wrong at this level you'll be in massive trouble before very long.

Deutsch Wolf

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Oct 16, 2009
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I don't mind Podence but we signed him instead of Olmo which is a massive rick, they're not in the same league.

Big fan of Semedo but not worth what we paid.

Fabio will never be worth £35m.

RAN is a good signing as is Sa (although he isn't what he's made out to be).

Neto was obviously a great signing.

Most of the others on that list are just flops, out and out no good for us.

Tony Towner

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Feb 18, 2010
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Cutrone - lost most of the £16m, probably got a couple back in loan fees
Podence - would probably get our money back
Vallejo - just not right for the PL and a big loan fee
Silva - been done to death. Only the most optimistic would say he'll ever be worth what we paid someone(s)
Marcal - on balance £2m was OK, wash out last season, but about right for what we've got from him this. Leaving on a free
Hoever - not worth a fraction of what we paid and not improved in the 2 years he's been here. Manager telling everyone he's workshy further damages his value. Needs binning, won't be.
Semedo - Decent signing, but paid at least £10m over his worth
Vitinha - Didn't sign him permanently. Possibly a mistake, but he wouldn't have had the season for us this year he's had for Porto as he'd only have played occasionally
Ait-Nouri - Still rawness to his game, we'll make profit on him how much depends on how we handle the clause
Jose - If I call him Joke is that xenophobic?
Sa - Decent signing, the good and the bad are intertwined, brings more to the team than he takes away and would be sold at a profit if we wanted to
Trincao - Just don't, please just don't. I don't see how we can on anything like the pre agreed terms. Actions on the pitch would suggest he doesn't want to be here either. Will still have cost a large loan fee, I heard £6m if we don't sign him
Hwang - Already worth less than we are going to pay for him, even though we haven't yet. Just spectacular business.
2 we'd make profit on if we sold them tomorrow