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Thread: Looking for a road bike

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    Looking for a road bike

    In a bid to up my exercise efforts last year, I bought a cheap (ie 99) mountain bike from decathlon to use for short trips in and around Wolves - primarily to my band practice room and into town for the football. I have used it to ride to work once (I work in Brum, about 12 miles away) and would like to do it more often once my fitness levels are up a bit.

    However 18 months of use and the cheap old mountain bike is pretty knackered. Already on my second chain and now the back brakes are sticking, and the gear selectors are out of line, because of what looks like a bent back wheel.

    You know what they say, you buy cheap, you buy twice.

    I'm thinking that a lighter framed, road bike with thinner tyres and a lower gear ratio might be more suited for what I want to use my bike for. I never go off road and I don't use the lowest 7 gears of my current bike at all.

    I'm looking to spend about 500 for something that will be a bit quicker on the flats and fairly easy to manage the undulations of the Birmingham New Road.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or advice? I've had a look at Fred Williams Cycles, as they sorted me out with a new chain for my current bike, but there stuff is a little too pricey for me. Anything to look out for or avoid?

    I like the look of the disc and pad style brakes, are they worth specifically seeking out?

    There's this place in town, which seems to have a good range of stock in my budget -

    Any opinions on these bikes:
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