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    Hall of Fame

    Disappointing that Frank Munro hasn't been put into the Hall of Fame this time round. Would have been a fitting tribute.

    The inductees are:

    Major Buckley
    Dave Wagstaffe
    Andy Mutch
    Malcom Finlayson
    Honved Team

    I think they should have put John Ireland in too after removing the stand name.
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    who's in there already?

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    2009 – Steve Bull, Stan Cullis, Ron Flowers, Jackery Jones, Derek Parkin, Billy Wright (6).
    2010 – Mike Bailey, Peter Broadbent, Billy Harrison, John Richards, Bill Slater, Graham Turner, Bert Williams (7).
    2011 – Derek Dougan, Sir Jack Hayward, Kenny Hibbitt, Jimmy Mullen, Roy Swinbourne, the 2003 play-off final winning team (6).
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