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    Quote Originally Posted by MARKakaJIM View Post
    I found a €20 note tucked away in my wallet the other day that must have been left over from our holiday in May, was a bit miffed at first but the way things are going that could be my ticket out of the Brexit apocalypse.
    I've got $500 in a draw at home too. I might well be able to pay off the mortgage if it really goes to shit.
    Nothing to see here...... can't offend sensitive souls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penk Wolf View Post
    I'm guessing a meal only costs tuppence ha'penny anyway?
    You could get a meal and a beer at a Hawker's for 60p back in 1996.
    Cosy consensus makes for a boring forum.

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    The sickening bit is them having these predictions and going full throtle towards them.

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    Luton council telling residents to stockpile six weeks of non perishable foods, Hastings council warning its residents there could be rationing, lots of councils saying school dinners could be stopped because of lack of available foodstuffs and price rises so they won't be able to fund them, and looking as though free movement for EU citizens into the UK will cease on November 1st, all this reported on the BBC website earlier
    See post #5516 of ex wolf watch to find out why in my house,i hate Kenny Miller

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