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Thread: A couple of Brexit Questions...

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    A couple of Brexit Questions...

    1 Can anyone please give me their version of...
    A HARD Brexit and
    A SOFT Brexit?
    Just what do they mean please?

    2 If there may be a 'Hard' border between Ireland and Northern Ireland there may well be Customs posts going back up. (This may well be a complete ball ache queueing up to get through and a 25 minute delay on the train as customs men walk through the train inspecting random baggage...)
    Then will there not be a Border control between England and Wales and Scotland seeing as they voted 'No'?
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    1) Hard Brexit = we get none of the benefits of the EU that we currently receive. No freedom of movement (which is not a bad thing, no matter what the Daily Mail say), no customs union, no free trade, literally everything that is regulated by the EU - air travel, working time directives, employment law and literally thousands of things - we have to sort our own laws out regarding that. Basically we pretend the last 43 years didn't exist and go 100% our own way. Then try to sort out some kind of a trade deal with the EU, our biggest trade partner by an absolute mile. If we can't then we default to WTO rules. Which would be disastrous. In fact everything would be a disaster.

    Soft Brexit = some kind of version of what Norway/Switzerland have - for which they have to accept certain concessions. In likelihood if we went down this road, with the amount of stuff we need and the amount the EU would ask for, we may as well never have bothered leaving. But at least we wouldn't be much worse off.

    2) Upon our exit, NI will not be part of the EU, ROI will. We have said we will not accept freedom of movement. So there needs to be a hard border, unless we make a special case for Ireland, which probably won't be allowed. Wales and Scotland are part of the UK so there is no border to worry about. The vote isn't declassified into regions, otherwise London would be staying in too.

    We could do with some way of cancelling the clusterfuck, it's such an unholy mess and for no fucking reason at all.
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