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Thread: GDP Figures

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    GDP Figures

    We've been selected to supply turnover figures to ONS for calculation of GDP figures. The last time we supplied these figures was 3 years ago.

    Does anyone know how many companies supply these figures? And how accurate they are if it's only a sample of companies that supply them?

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    I used to have to supply the ONS with the prices for importing Nickel into the UK on the first day of the calendar month, I tried to explain to them that Nickel prices fluctuate constantly and can alter by hundreds of dollars in a single day but they were only concerned with me supplying what they'd asked, so whenever I see anything that is backed up by statistics supplied by the ONS I do have a little smile.
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    I used to supply them for average prices of theatre tickets at our little provincial theatre, they used to ring each month, then suddenly stopped about three years ago. It was a ridiculous request as the prices were so different for each show, but they weren't bothered as long as they had an answer.
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