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Thread: TWF 10 year anniversary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Premier Quality View Post
    When I come to see the wolves, I tend to bring my boy (now 12) so don’t do the pubs, but would be good to buy a few of you a pint if I come up when he’s not around at some point.
    My daughter's 13 and she's fine having a pre-match drink
    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    FFS, Booz, this high horse you're on lately is bewildering.

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    been on since April 2012, can't remember how or why I came on, don't think I posted much until a chance meeting with Kenny and Paddy in the South Bank one day when they said I should come and join in so maybe that was it. I am also on MM but not to be confused with Lupo on there, that's not me. I have Italiano in my name there.

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    I think we need a European Cup Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quirkafleeg View Post
    I think we need a European Cup Thread.
    Only if you start a football team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penk Wolf View Post
    Time flies eh, you've been here nearly 6.
    Blimey! That's even more drivel and still only one good post,in all that time,not a brilliant success rate tbh
    See post #5516 of ex wolf watch to find out why in my house,i hate Kenny Miller

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