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Thread: The Football News Thread 2019/20 - everything not Wolves

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    It’s just embarrassing. The whole club is embarrassment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    If it has to stay, just remove the teams who qualify from Europe from it. Need to make up the numbers, well invite the losing play off teams from the Conference to step up.
    Those teams could just make it an U23/fringe player experience. That way those players all get a game of competitive first team football.
    Oh my god! Whitney's dead? How's Michael Jackson taking it?

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    I'm a pro League Cup person, dunno what Peps goin on about, the teams in Europe always put out the kids anyway, which gives them and the lesser squad members gametime and a chance for the fans to see them too

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    The Spanish first division club Osasuna fixed football matches in an attempt to avoid relegation over two seasons, a court heard on Tuesday.

    A former club secretary said that the club had paid Getafe and Real Betis to lose against them in 2012-13 and 2013-14 respectively and had made a further payment to Espanyol in return for a draw as he gave testimony in the case led by the investigating judge Fermín Otamendi and brought against 11 men: six former Osasuna directors, three former Betis players and two estate agents also accused of being involved.
    bloody hell!
    Where was the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom!

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