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Thread: Fixture Changes Thread

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    Not going to make it over for Bournemouth now due to flight costs soaring and also Mothers day is that day and we have plans.

    Gutted tbh.
    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post

    I honestly didn't think people were that stupid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by machin05 View Post
    I find the whole extravagant gender reveal thing a bit weird.
    First there were baby showers, then gender reveals, now the new thing in the US is a BabyMoon apparently. Or what used to be called a holiday before the child is born

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    It can all get in the sea, tbqh
    Socks before or after trousers, but never before pants. That's the rule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bion View Post
    Anyone know if the re-arranged Bournemouth game has a KO time confirmed yet? It's showing as 3pm atm but I'm assuming that's just someone doing a straight cut & paste from the Saturday...don't remember there being 3pm Sunday games, well, ever?
    Now confirmed at 2pm.


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