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Thread: Personal Football Confessions

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    I'd like to point out I was around the age when a boy finds out how things work, rather than like, last season at Molineux

    It's the only bad tackle story I had
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    When I was at one of the Wolves soccer schools I hit a guy with a crunching tackle and he was rolling around on the floor for ages holding his ankle. Was a fair challenge and I thought he was overdoing it so I gave him a good kick while nobody was looking. He was a prick so I don't regret it.

    We got knocked out of the tournament they did because the ball went in through a hole in the side netting and the coach missed it. They promised us a player would show up too and they never did. Bastards.

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    The best part of Wolvo.
    Two for me. Once was when I was playing for Coppice, can't remember who we were playing but I got put clean through and rounded the goalie, he grabbed my ankle and tripped me up but the ref gave nothing. It was as clear a penalty (and red card) as you would ever see and I was fucking livid. About five minutes later and the same move and I was clean through again, one of my mates from the year above shouted "boot him in the head!" so I took the ball round the keeper again and did exactly that, tripped over and got the penalty. Karma I suppose but I did regret kicking him so hard, he had to go off and I scored the penalty.

    Years later I was playing five-a-side at Cannock Leisure Center (great Saturday evening league that was) and we were playing a new team into the league. They were all in their mid to late thirties (we were in our early twenties at the time) and it was their first game in the league, we'd been playing together over two years and were pretty decent and we were running rings round them which was winding them up. Someone crossed a thigh high ball to me and I had to jump and sort of scissor volley it to make the shot (top corner, great goal) but their defender came flying in way too late and smashed into the ankle I broke a couple of years earlier. It fucking killed and he didn't even apologise. Cue the red mist.
    I waited for the ref to have his back turned and caught the fucker square in the nose with my elbow, luckily for me it didn't bleed, then a couple of minutes later went in hard for a tackle at the side of the pitch and smashed him into the wall. He didn't come near me after that, think we won 11-0 in the end.
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