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Thread: Leicester City away; Build up thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndorsetwolf View Post

    Is it? I thought that the offside had to be a part of the body that could legally score a goal, yet I am sure one of the decisions yesterday was given for an arm being offside. So unclear in the way the laws have been re-written. Means the morons at PGMOL get to interpret the rules, always a recipe for cock ups and mistakes.
    The rule is clear cut. Any playable body part is enough for the play to be offside. I didn't see the situation you're talking of so I can't say. The shoulder being offside is enough as it is playable. The arm is not, however, afaik.

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    I honestly didn't think people were that stupid...

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    A draw - not a bad result here, but could have been more
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    IF they interpret that law in a consistent fashion for the entire season then fair enough. But the moment I see it interpreted differently and a goal being allowed to stand I reserve the right to moan like hell.

    Two points robbed from us.
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    A point away to one of our clear rivals for the season is no bad start.
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    Fair enough result I guess. Defended well but had trouble holding the ball up whenever we cleared the lines. Decent start mind

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    kind of disappointing to end in a draw after screwing up so many passes/chances in the final 1/3
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    Settle for the result, we defended well and a couple of decent spells, but overall I thought we were pretty poor. But not as poor as that absolute stain of a referee. We should be formally requesting to never have him referee a match of ours again. The VAR decision was technically correct, it's just that the handball rule that has come in is a fucking joke.
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    Lot better second half,good result against a team that we all assume will be around us.
    Hopefully this VAR shit works out for us and is consistent.
    I don't see how a chance being set up for Leicester,whilst coming off an arm is any different to our goal..both were unintentional do should be treated the same.
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    It's a good point, and tbh Leicester were the better side in a game with little quality on show. Poor reffing performance, Raul, Jonny, and doc not really at it. Haven't seen Cutrone control a ball yet
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    Closing this now. Please head to the verdict thread.
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