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Thread: when is cheating, cheating, and when is it not?

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    when is cheating, cheating, and when is it not?
    Patrick Reed has said:
    If you break the rules unintentionally, it's not cheating.
    Now, in his specific situation, he would've known what the rules were, so imo is confirming he cheated.

    But it made me wonder how we sometimes as fans scream "cheat" and worse at players. I guess there can be arguments re diving, which in most cases will be an attempt to con the referee, but there might be a miniscule set of circumstances where someone takes evasive action to avoid being hurt, or expects contact, or momentum takes them over.

    We see people go to ground all the time with no yellow card, and fans are frequently confused.

    One of the things we love about sport is the grey areas (see various threads on VAR).
    So when is it cheating?
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    What Reed is saying is that he didn’t know he had infringed the rule, not that he didn’t know the rule. As he was using a sand wedge they have a wide blade with a big bounce on the underside that might make seeing that he shifting sand difficult. He then goes through the round and as soon as he has seen the footage he accepts the penalty and he does so before signing the score card, so he is safe from disqualification.

    However, if had any inkling that he had accidentally improved his lie, either by feel or what he saw, then he should have summoned the referee who would have advised that he must apply the penalty if he thinks he may have done it. If he knew and carried on then to me that is cheating but it’s impossible to prove. The footage I saw looked pretty damning. He should have noticed and he should have called the penalty on himself.
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