I was talking to a mate about something I said in the Coronavirus thread re questions being requested from the Wolverhampton area.

My question for the panel was

'After calling out EPL players to forfeit 30% of their salary and them going away and forming their own scheme to pump money into the NHS direct where its needed most,should/is Matt Hancock now going to demand that Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, Tax avoiders and Tax exiles contribute 30% of the wealth they are sitting on to help out with the current crisis too?'

I'd joked that it would be great if one of the players asked it.

We both came to the conclusion that it's not really something you could expect one of the players to do, they're quite mild mannered on the whole and try to stay controversy free.

But that didn't mean any well meaning Wolves fans couldn't ask it........

I don't live in Wolverhampton any more, so I don't qualify to ask, but if anyone else that does live in the area wanted to there is a link to the entry form below

Q Time Questions