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His name is Diogo...

I have a major man crush on him, just so dynamic and like Costa you can see him toughening up and becoming more physical. I want promotion more than ever so we have a chance to keep him terrific player.

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I don't shut up about him. My mates are getting fed up ^_^
What a great player...looking forward to him and Helder to tear up the championship
Sorry to ruin this but that Leo touch for his Forest winner keeps on getting better and better..
And those freckles! Such a cutie.
I think Leo and Cav for those two positions are very good (and different) options. Should we come across a striker we really want in January, sure go for it but I think those two (plus Jota in that role too) will be fine in this league.
Would have been better with Chaka Khan as the soundtrack. Can’t stand Chumbawamba.
How’s the Diogo not Diego song supposed to go? I’ve heard different versions!