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No, indeed those released hostages said they'd been looked after well.

A ceasefire in this instance would save the lives of the released hostages and obviously the lives of those that would be killed during the period of the ceasefire.

Isn't that the goal here, to stop or slow the bloodshed?
Not going to argue with you but they released some female hostages weeks ago. They didn't report being raped whilst held hostage.

They are more than capable of that of course......but they didn't
Two in total, one middle aged one old in a wheelchair.
How many were young, attractive girls taken from the peace rave.
Sadly i don't believe we will see them again, but i really hope i'm wrong, i really do.
To Edge of the Alps
My apologies it is 5 female hostages, 4 released and one female soldier rescued by the IDF, not two as i stated.
Well there you go, based on this new information surely Israel should be striving for this temporary ceasefire and release of hostages as soon as possible.
Netanyahu is an ex member of the Israeli equivalent of the SAS. As was his brother who was killed in the raid on Entebbe. 50 years of a goal of killing Palestinian terrorists and fuck the consequences for any innocent who gets in the way.

It is no coincidence that the Camp David accords were under Yabin and then he mysteriously walked into a bullet and Netanyahu got power again with his no compromise strategy. At which point the Palestinians elected Hamas as a government.

Netanyahu is about as interested in a peaceful solution as I am in Strictly Come Dancing.

I didn't accept your "explanation", for using that term, not in the slightest, it was hideous to be so blasé about such an issue.

Oh and someone disagreeing with you doesn't mean they are trolling or ignorant, it simply means they disagree with you.
I know this thread is emotive and the discussions will be tough but zero tolerance on personal insults.

We introduced new guidelines on behaviour and sadly we have had to use the 24 hr ban option on this occasion.
I will give you a lolz for that one
Clearly its good that some of the kidnapped are being released and aid will be allowed in, plus the innocent Palestinians will get a break.
I do wonder however what Hammas will gain from this, what their angle is? When/if all the hostages are free, Israel will no doubt continue their quest to annihilate Hammas and Hammas will still not rest until they've pushed all Jews into the sea.
Suppose we have to be thankful for small mercies for now.