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Matchday Thread - Owls vs Wolves

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Norman Deeley

Dean Saunders's Press Officer
Feb 13, 2012
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I blame myself for the 0-0 vs Sunderland. Think I have a 100% record with matchday threads this season. Anyway, as I'm sure you know, just the one change at LWB

And good to see MGW on the bench. Norris Alf Batth Miranda Helder Bright and MGW
Self-aware gloves joke from Doherty in the build-up. Impressed! His almost eye-rolling dismissal of the cold night blah blah cliche was also pretty good, considering how many pundits still use it.

Great to see MGW on the bench.
Wednesday seem to be prepared to give it a go unlike Sunderland so there are opportunities

Cav offside twice already - needs to get his head up & look across the line
Ropey defending there.
We are going to be one down here if we don't put our finger out
Wednesday showing good discipline to hold wide and seems to be causing issues, seem to be focusing on putting in crosses from deep, wide, possibly trying to draw our wingbacks high and away from the back 3.
Nothing sums our season up more than the fact I am annoyed he didn't play Bonatini in there, already forgot about the goal and moved on to next business.
Crazy from Bennett, wonder whats gone on there, or is he just a tad old style and hates forwards.
Bennett has been told he has to spend Xmas at his in-laws
Bennett starting to loose his head - a yellow.but lucky not to get more

Would replace in the second half just to ensure that we keep 11 on the field

Have Batth & Miranda on the bench & he's not that important
Only person beating us here is ourselves. Trying to get a man sent off and just constantly giving the ball away.

Cavaleiro giving Hunt v Watford a run for his money.
It's not been a good game for him. Miranda to replace him for me.
Not open for further replies.