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Player of the Season so far?

Player of the Season so far

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Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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Simple enough.

Never, ever, ever thought I would be saying this but I'm going for Coady. The improvement in him is amazing, the range of his passing is incredible this season, I never thought he had that in him. Clearly a massive influence on and off the pitch and deservedly one of the first names on the team sheet.
Jota for me. Incredible player, like watching a young Messi.
I seriously have no clue right now. Coady, Neves, Jota, Leo, Saiss have all been outstanding and the majority of games the only complaints on players have been minor things. If Boly had played most games he would be pissing it though.
definitely Jota for me. love him.
It is the most difficult call and thankfully it is difficult for all the right reasons. So many great candidates.

I think I will go for Jota, but Coady would be deserving, as would Bonatini, Neves, Saiss, and (had he played every game) Boly.

It's fucking brilliant to be a Wolves fan just now.
i can still hardly believe it's happening like this. it's feels good doesn't it.
Coady for me too, the guy is the heart and soul of the team.
By the way poor old Conor is bound to lose out here because I'm voting for him. Very few that I've picked since the award was reintroduced as a popular vote rather than being restricted to supporters' clubs in 2000 have won.

From memory I've gone (with the ones who actually did win bolded):

2000: Bazeley
2001: Naylor
2002: Lescott
2003: Miller
2004: Rae
2005: Lescott
2006: Miller
2007: Murray
2008: Foley
2009: Kightly
2010: Doyle
2011: Fletcher
2012: Fletcher
2013: Sako
2014: Ricketts
2015: Sako
2016: Price (I wanted to vote for Afobe but he wasn't an option)
2017: Costa
i can still hardly believe it's happening like this. it's feels good doesn't it.

I just keep thinking I must be dreaming. This shit just doesn't happen to us.

Listening to a load of shite fans on talksport tonight lamenting the probable Pardew appointment while we have a progressive brilliant manager and are fucking flying was GLORIOUS.
Who won it in 2008? I thought it was Foley.
Who won it in 2008? I thought it was Foley.

Hennessey, Kev won it in 2009 (when he was class, but really should never have won ahead of Kightly or SEB).

Camara in 2004, Craddock in 2010, Stearman in 2015 and Doherty in 2016 were absolutely farcical awards. Verging on (the supporter club endorsed) Rankine 1995 levels of nonsense. That still eats away at me.
I never thought that in my time watching Wolves I'd be stumped at picking player of the season, so many brilliant options. Gone for Jota based on him being the best player I've ever seen down here, but it could easily have gone several other ways.
This is almost impossible. Everybody who's played has contributed to the success so far. It's testament to Nuno and his team that even when we've played the so called reserves in the cup games, they've worked their absolute bollocks off to show their worth.

I'd probably edge towards Coady at this point too. A quite incredible turnaround.
Can we give it to Nuno? This is HIS team, and they are utterly, utterly, magnificent, every last one of them*

*yes, including Doherty
Almost an impossible task but ultimately IMO Leo has been more important than any other individual in this side.
It's currently impossible to choose. I'd have to go for Jota or Neves as I love them both and neither of them have any right to be playing for a Chanpionship club.
This is impossible.

Utterly loving this squad (and Nuno!) right now. What a time to be alive. :icon_lol:

I can't decide!
I've not really seen enough games to make a truly informed choice, but from the games I have managed to see it would be Coady or Neves for me.