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PNE (H) 21/10 Build-Up Thread

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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Got to be the second half team from Saturday really. Everyone was superb.

2016/17: W 1-0 (H), D 0-0 (A)
2015/16: L 1-2 (H), D 1-1 (A)
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I think Leo brings the best out in Jota, so would like to see him start. Don't mind if it's Cav or Costa to drop out.
Hand ups anyone who said that last season....

Tapped in with some style....Leoesque there
Cav's been superb so far this season. No need to drop him at all. Costa will have to wait.
Indeed, Cav has been brilliant. To drop him after Saturday’s performance would be criminal!
Yup. Unless he has a knock, costa's place will have to be via the bench.
I think this will be far tougher game than Saturday. They'll press us and try and stop us playing our game which is the only way that teams will have any chance of beating us this season.
If you press you're going to leave space in behind. Whether that's vacating space in front of the back four or having everyone pushed higher up and leaving a big 30+ yard gap between the defence and keeper. I wouldn't say either are that good an idea.

It worked for Cardiff, as did nailing our players off the ball, but we have improved a lot since then and not many refs will be as shit as that idiot was.

Given the quality of players that you find at this level, it's very difficult for opposition managers to come up with a strategy to combat us, especially if we've learned how to defend set pieces. Hope Conor Coady gets sent off after 15 minutes maybe.

However I would agree that PNE are probably better than Villa.
Must get myself a ticket after pay day tomorrow. I REALLY want to go to Molineux again. It was bittersweet enjoying the game and hearing the racket from 3 miles away on Saturday.
Preston will probably be a tougher game than Villa was but if we play anywhere close to how we did Saturday particularly in the second half then it doesn't matter what Preston do. I'd play the side that started the second half and bring Costa on later whether he is needed or not, Bonatini is so good at linking the play and we will need that.

Should imagine Preston will try to put Hugill up against Coady and get the ball in to him but with Saiss covering in front and how much of the ball we should have then i think we can nullify that. Like every game this season if we turn up how we can then we will win but that's not always going to happen and Saturday might be one of those games who knows but i'm still confident that we will win the league because we will be good enough more often that not.
I think we should start with the team that started against Villa. Costa got kicked in the face on Saturday, don't forget, that's not something you just shrug off.

We need to run them ragged in the first half, then when they are tiring we bring on Leo to open them up, IMO.
I think this will be far tougher game than Saturday. They'll press us and try and stop us playing our game which is the only way that teams will have any chance of beating us this season.

Defo be a lot tougher,probaly the seasons hardest yet.
They tend to not have much possession but they like to press and hurry the defence into mistakes.
As said that could create gaps in behind, we just have to make sure the defence arent forced into some daft hesitation or loose passes under pressure.
Also let the least amount of goals in so far.
I don't deny it will be a tough game (they all are in this division, to be fair), but looking at Preston's results, they've drawn games against Boro, Barnsley & Millwall - all of which we beat, and they've lost to Derby - again, another team we have already beaten this season. However, they did manage to hammer Cardiff, and they've held Leeds to a draw - so their form shows they're difficult to beat and can raise their game against the better teams in this league.

If we can get anywhere near our performance levels v Villa, we should still win.
Decided that I'll buy a ticket for this one. I fancy a day out at the football this weekend.

Preston are a good side - it'll be a tricky game but I'm hoping our current form and momentum will be enough.

Pre/post match ales, gentlemen?