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Preston North End - Matchday Thread - 21 October 2017

Thanks for that. I probably wouldn't play Bright as a defender though...! Good team choice, no Boly on the bench either so maybe he isn't quite there just yet.
Surprised to see Vinagre not in the squad but assume that - with Boly and Costa - he'll play on Tuesday night. Very nervous for this one but then these days I'm nervous for every game...
Right team selection for me (this never used to be the case with other managers) Leo has earned his start. Costa to come on in the 2nd half for tired legs.

I think this will be tough and would take a draw to be honest.
Oh god it's that ref again

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PNE kick off - start as the mean to go on possibly as immediately launch it long into the Wolves area

Comfortably defended
Jota clattered - up OK but clearly they are going to go in hard & early on him
Saiss down holding his face - ref eventually stops play after letting it go for too long
I didn't realize the games were being broadcast now, first wolves game I've been able to watch live in years! Very excited to get back into watching every weekend. :)
Douglas gives the ball away- shot comes in well saved by Ruddy

Possibly would have seen that late

PNE pressing hard - remains to be seen whether they can do this for the whole 90 mins
Other than Neves who has been good, the passing has been a bit loose so far.
Doherty intercepts - taken out completely by Earl & PNE players surround the Ref

Gives no card which he clearly should have done
They are roughing us up so far and we have a shit ref... Great

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The ref has been fine so far.
PNE the better side at the moment high press is causing a problem.
Preston getting stuck into Warnock's 'Play Football Like A Lowlife' manual.
Pulling Jota all over the place, falling over when Neves looked like he might get near to him, Ganging up on the ref, Elbows up, sly trips, innocent blocking and obstruction and all of the other shite we're starting to see at home this season when the opposition want to go to Man Marking.
Leeds 2 up.
Villa 1 up.
They're pressing well and getting numbers forward when they attack.

We just look a little disjointed in our passing once we get up to their final third.
GK by Ruddy finds Miranda who puts a superb ball forward to Cav

Unfortunately he was fractionally offside
Lovely ball from Miranda to Cav who.... does nothing as the flag goes up.
Great ball there from Miranda to balance out the two shitty ones earlier.
Defender just cuts off a lovely ball from Bonatini to Doherty. Still glimpses of lovely stuff, but really giving it away too often.