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The Manager Sacked/Hired Thread 2024/25

Guess they just don't want him being an obvious lame duck with an expiring contract if they're in that 'not being as high as we want but not bad enough to sack him' zone again. You have to at least give the impression you're backing him or it causes all kinds of issues.
Bringing RvN in to help him. He has turned down manager jobs for the coaching/soon to be caretaker manager role at Utd
He's actually got pretty good coaching credentials and was seen to have been very unfortunate to miss out to Giggs when he got the job. I'm reasonably pleased with that. I know Henry was linked, but he's no more qualified for the job than Bellamy.
I’ve seen Bellamy the coach when he was at Cardiff’s academy and the characteristics we knew he had as a player were still very evident and even their other coaches were embarrassed and apologised for his arrogance and tantrums. Six years ago but I’d be surprised if he’s changed that much, especially if he’s No.1
Well they did say they wanted a big name, that’s a big name.
Heimir Hallgrímsson is the new Ireland manager.
He is a name that no one expected , but let's face it - that's our level now . When you're on the floor there is no farther to fall . Someone like him might be just what we need . Back to basics .
He strikes me as someone who won't tolerate lazy Matt for too long .
It is where we are and who we can attract, would rather take a punt on someone left field then go for a name like Bruce or Keane who have been put forward by their buddies.

Improved both Iceland & Jamica (would ignore Copa to a certain extent as seemingly a lot of unhappy shit between players & federation which meant likes of Bailey didn't play which he was caught in the middle of).

If he gets us to a Euros & World Cup like he did with Iceland (topped qualifying group which included Crostia) then we will be happy enough.